Review for The Witch’s Throne, Vol.1

Review for The Witch’s Throne, Vol.1

The Witch's Throne by Cedric Caballes, Graphic Novel, Octarine, Magic, Fantasy, Fights, Action, Awesome, References, Orc, Elf, MageI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This review may be a bit chaotic. I am superduper tired after a night of barely sleeping, but I do want to read and review this book, so um, I will just write along as I read. XD

😍 The prologue! Oh, that was just kick-ass and it made me want to read so much more!
😍 The MC, what is up with her. What happened to her arms? Why is she so strong? Why does she want to go to the big city? Why is she not impressed by many things?
😍 Awesome world-building.
😍 Everyone’s names. Or well, most of the names. They just sounded epic and so much fun and also perfect for this world. Grom Foster! Ohh!
😍 Btw Grom reminds me of a Nier Automata character, especially later on.
😍 That Weapon Lord Skill? Hello? Unlimited Blade Works? YAS! Bring it!
😍 DAYUM to the fights. Those were wonderfully done and I love the motion and how the author/illustrator just manages to capture it all.
😍 The potions our MC has. LORD, this girl is amazing. She brews some very interesting potions and I would love to see them for real. I mean, something that heals and takes care of the killing instinct? A potion that grows vines and is kick-ass? Hello! Bring it. A potion named Grace of Amadues? Hello? Yes!
😍 The various weapons we see pop by. And the names they have! Bring me a Dainslef!
😍 Even moves have epic names. Well, OK, some are just telling what the attack does, but some actually have some cool names that just makes you want to do them. Sadly, no magic here.
😍 Training montage! Ah this reminds me of the shounen anime/manga I watched/read. Poor Agni, haha. Get those muscles build. It is indeed clear that Grom… well is Grom and doesn’t need that help, look at those muscles. Whoo.
😍 This part: “Mico Dharma, the genius arhat, has disintegrated entire valleys to ensure nothing could disturb her sleep.” Girl, I love my sleep as well, but HOLY HELL. Don’t come between her and a good sleep/nap.
😍 Backstories. YAS YAS. I love it when we get those and we learn more about characters. What makes them tick. How they got to this point.
😍 The characters. We have our good characters, but we also have some amazing yandere/welp she will fuck you over characters. I love it.
😍 Loved seeing Grom and Agni grow and see Reksha have fun with the training. They really got stronger and I loved that Agni found a way to also be able to fight. Not just rely on throwing potions or using magic, but also be able to use magic as a way to make her stronger. To make her fight.
😍 That test made by Reksha. Haha, they thought her training was hard, but oh boy she made one big test for them. I had a laugh that Grom thought his was going to be easy. Oh Grom, you silly little elf man. XD
😍 The Giant! I did NOT expect that one! That explains some things and then some more as he knows about the very first witch!
😍 Love the art, love it so much. It is fun and exciting and just lives! That sounds strange, but I have read some graphic novels or manga or comics that just felt very stilted. This one just POPS and everything feels very alive.

🀣 People can we please talk before initiating into battles? Please?

πŸ™„ But really, can we stop compressing/blurring/whatever. This may sound ungrateful, but I just had such a hard time at times reading this book. The text was blurry and at times just hard to read. Even my husband had questions about it. Like, that he hopes that this isn’t the finished version and that for the real version (both e or normal) it is better quality.

All in all, I need volume 2 now, because they haven’t even gone to the Citadel yet, this one just sets the grounds for an epic saga. A saga I want to keep on reading. Because awesome characters. Fab art. Great magic and weapons. Great lore. And more! I would recommend this one.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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