Review for Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in a Teacup

Review for Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in a Teacup

Girl, Cat ears, Fantasy, Magic, Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in a Teacup by Andy Sagar, Children's Books“There’s nothing that can’t be solved with a pot of tea, a slice of cake, and a very dear friend.”

😍 Tea! So many different teas. From normal-ish teas to storm in a teacup teas. I just loved all the varieties of tea and love seeing all the kinds and see Yesterday try them out. Sometimes it worked… other times it took over the café.
😍 Cakes! So many delicious sounding cakes. And not just that, cakes that also help you out! I could use one.
😍 Did I mention cakes? Tea? Because seriously, it was that I was on vacation while reading otherwise I would have brewed a good pot of tea and made some cake myself.
😍 Loved Yesterday! Yes, she was at times a bit negative and sometimes I was just talking to my book that she should have more confidence, but you know what, I could fully understand that. Really. She has been through a lot. Dumped by her parents at a circus. Stuck in a cage to be bullied and abused for years. Then some random dude in the forest pops up and throws a shard of ice in your heart and you may just die. Oh and did I mention that witch exam? YES, it is a lot. So again, I could understand. But in overall, I really liked the girl. I loved seeing her grow and see her figure out the magic she got. I loved that she had fox ears and that she could use them for the magic (she could hear certain things). I loved that she didn’t stand down. That she protected those she loved. That she found courage and a home. People who love her and she loves.
😍 There is NEVER a dull moment. For real. Every time there is something happening. Even during calm moments. And I love that.
😍 Miss Dumpling was just absolutely perfection and I loved her so much. She was sweet and kind and I love how patient she was. How kind. How caring. How she took Yesterday under her wing, and even has saved many others that needed saving.
😍 The teashop. I would LOVE LOVE to visit it. Just sit down for a cuppa tea and some cake. Just enjoy it all.
😍 The nightmarket. Yes, it wasn’t the best place to be, but I would have loved to stroll around. Look at curiosities. Not taking anything from anyone though. Haha. No.
😍 The cover! Such beauty!
😍 Learning more about Yesterday and her past. Like why she was named Yesterday. What her real name was. Who her parents were (even though I had my suspicions at one point when it all came out I was still shocked).
😍 Loved her best friend from the tea shop. He was such an interesting boy and I loved how kind he was towards Yesterday. His inventions. Not sure for all of them. Why would you make a cake-making machine? There is nothing more fun than making them yourself.
😍 Love love the magic. So much magic.
😍 The last part was just such a rollercoaster. From finding ingredients to meeting a dragon to the battle with that evil guy whose name we will not mention.
😍 Finding out more about the world of magic and fae.

😶 As people know, I am not really a big fan of animals who talk. Generally they are a) assholes or b) annoying due to hyperness or c) something akin to Navi. It is very rare for me to find an animal companion that I truly like. Our dear Madrigal? I just wanted to yeet him in an oven. Many times. He was just so rude and mean towards Yesterday. And yes, we learn later on why. But I wonder. Given his attitude… maybe he had a bit to do with people leaving? Just a thought. I mean, if I found out I was strangeling and I would be working hard to find my way, then the one thing I need is compassion. Not rotten words and rudeness. He does mellow out a bit, so in the later parts I was more liking Madrigal… but for most. No.

But all in all, I had so so much fun reading this one. And while it does work as a standalone, I am actually very much hoping that we get more tea, cakes, and Yesterday! There is still plenty to tell. Plenty to explore. Plenty to see. More magic to discover. I would recommend this book to all! A magical fun book. And perfect if you are more into cosy magical books for Halloween~

Star rating, 5 stars

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