Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming – Book TBR 2022 UPDATED 1-11

Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming – Book TBR 2022 UPDATED 1-11

Afternoon all!

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Sorry, I am just SO hyped at this moment that I can finally read all the spooky books I have been meaning to read for ages! And I got A LOT. Holy heck! I have been scouring high and low to find many many spooky books. In September I read a couple of spooky books to get in the mood (plus, not to mention, there are so many books on my Spooktober I needed to spread it). 🙈 I am not sure if I can read all these books… but I want to give it at least a shot. Plus, now I got a lot of choice! spooky skeleton dances

I got two parts in my TBR. Ones that are on my Kindle/Netgalley or my own physical books!

Let me know in the comments on what you are reading this Spooktober + what you would recommend. Because, yes, this girl is FULL with books but she can always use more. Preferably something very scary or a haunted house!

Ready? Here are all the books I NEED to read during Spooktober. Wish me luck!

NOTE: There are also books releasing in October that fit the theme, so I hoping to also read those if I am able to get them. 🙂

1-11: Last UPDATE~! Updated the photograph! Also updated my preliminary ebook list in 3 sections. Not on the list but did read: Het is simpel, Stilton (2★), Unfamiliar (4★), The Haunting Season (2★), De bloedzomer van 1997 (5★), Vleermuisgespuis (3.5★), Complot op Schedelslot (3★), De griezelbus GN (4.5★), A Haunted Road Atlas (5★), The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor (2.5★), De billenbijters (4★).
It was a great month! I managed to read most of my TBR that I had planned + added many more books to what I wanted to read! Which is totally awesome as I was thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be able to read everything. But in the end I only got 2 paperbacks left and 2 ebooks (one ebook I bought during the month, the other is on the list). And those will be read when I feel up to reading spooky books again, for now I just want to tackle my library books that I got on the 22nd of October. I am quite happy with all I read, I read manga, graphic novels, bigger books, novellas. It was great fun and some of them terrified me. XD Yes, not everything was a 4 or 5 star, but there is a lot of good in there. I would definitely recommend all the 4+ starred books!
24-10: Updated the photograph! As for ebooks: The Haunted Brewery (2.5★), When Other People Saw Us (3.5★). Not on the list, but also read:
カヤちゃんはコワくない, Vol.1 (5★), うわようじょつよい 1 (3★), 人間牧場 1 (1★), 紅椿 1 (3.5★), Harley Quinn and Power Girl (3★), Playa Blanca (5★), Fine Print #1 (4★), Welcome to Feral (4.5★), De gruwelshow (4★), Batman White Knight Special Harley Quinn #1 (4★) + #2 (4.5★), Het monster van Lago Lago (3.5★), Hoe vang je een mummie (3★), Het spook van de metro (3★), Drakenridders #1 (3★), Wat gebeurde er met David? (4.5★), Donker en onnatuurlijk (4★), Griezelen in de achtbaan (4★).
14-10: Updated the photograph again! As for ebooks: Hayley Mysteries: The Secret on Set (3★), The Lamb will slaughter the lion (1★), The Murders of Molly Southbourne (2★), Mitchell Manor (2.5★). Not on the list but also read: On the Air with Mike Gypse and Sacheana Crow (5★), Can’t Stop Cursing You (4★), Spooky Ambiguous (2.5★), Bone Soup (4★), Een bloedstollende middernacht (4★), Het spook in de spiegel (4★), Griezelleuke Heksenverhalen (4★).
7-10: Updated the photograph to show what I read so far. As for the ebooks: Masks (3.5★), Empty Eyes(-★), Hayley Mysteries: The Missing Jewels (3.5★), Dispossessed (4★) have been read. Not on the list but also read: Demon in the Wood (5★), Crazy Food Truck (4.5★), Giving Up the Ghost (4★), Club Donald Duck Griezelbende (5★), Grote Slang (2★). It’s been a good almost-first week!Halloween TBR, Reading, BooksREAD
Masks, Volume 1: The Mask without a Face by Kid Toussaint, Joël Jurion, Horror, Mystery, Scary, Graphic Novel, Girls, ZombiesEmpty Eyes by Diego Agrimbau (Goodreads Author), Juan Manuel Tumburús, Horror, Dolls, Scary, Russia, World War I, Graphic NovelWhen Other People Saw Us, They Saw the Dead by Lauren T.Davila, Adam Ma, Shakira Savage, Desiree Rodriguez, Anuja Varghese, Nisha Addleman, Danny Lore, A.M. Perez, Alicia Thompson, Michelle Mellon (Goodreads Author), C.M. Leyva, Amiah Taylor, L.C. Star, S.M. Uddin, Angela Burgos, Gerardo J. Mercado Hernández, Lauren McEwen, D.C. Dador, Adaline Jacques, Margaret Elysia Garcia (Goodreads Author), jonah wu, Emily Hoang, Aliya Chaudhry, Marwa Sarraj, Ghost, Anthology, Horror, Folklore, Scary, Fantasy, Fairy TalesThe Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion (Danielle Cain #1) by Margaret Killjoy, Horror, Novella, LGBT, Scary, Spooky, Deer, Adult, Blue, WaterThe Murders of Molly Southbourne (Molly Southbourne #1) by Tade Thompson, Blood, Bloody Nose, Clones, Murder, Scary, Horror, Adult, Novella,Mitchell Manor by S.R. Leinbeck, Horror, Haunted House, Mystery, Family, Dark

Phantoms (Phantoms) by Kelly Moran, Ghost hunters, Ghosts, Paranormal, Box SetScary Mary by Emma McElreavey, Scary, Bloody Mary, Horror, Hand, Nails, Urban LegendThe Booker by Grace Hudson, Horror, Stairs, Blue, Window, Music Venue, Scary, Horror, LGBT, M/M, RomanceLord of the Fly Fest by Goldy Moldavsky, Horror, Young Adult, Girl, Plants, Island, Survival, AwesomeOwl Manor - the Final Stroke: Book 3 of the Owl Manor Gothic Suspense Trilogy by Zita Harrison, Horror, Ghosts, Haunted House, Spooky


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