Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming – Movies + Series TBW 2022 UPDATED 1-11

Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming – Movies + Series TBW 2022 UPDATED 1-11

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Welcome to the second post in the Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming series~ Yesterday I showed you the many many horror books that I want to read, and today I am showing you all the movies and series that I hope to watch this October.

I have been saving many shows and movies over the past year! It wasn’t always easy I have to tell you that. But I managed. Well, ish. XD 2 days ago I just had to watch Hocus Pocus 2. Couldn’t wait any longer. I am so excited to finally get to watch all of these, and hopefully many of the movies with my husband. I probably won’t be sleeping much given how scary these movies and series are, but I am in!

Also, that Dead End poster? It is for season 1, but season 2 is dropping in October and there is not yet a new poster.

Let me know in the comments what you think looks good/spooky and if you have any suggestions or what your plans are! Thanks~

1-11: Watched Scooby-Doo Meets Courage (which was just fantastic and I loved every moment), Scooby Doo Trick or Treat (the newest movie and BOY I was hyped to see it up on HBO just before Halloween so I could watch it on Halloween, so many references and so much oodles of fun), The Whole Truth (OMG OMG OMGOMG OMGOMGOOGM). Watched a few eps of the newest Dead End.. and well not really in the mood to see more. I still got a bit to see of Nailed it which I probably will do today.
Other than that, it was a pretty OK month in regards to spooky things. I wanted to watch more but my health just wasn’t up to watching things especially after a busy day. I would have just fallen asleep on the couch. XD So there is still plenty to watch the next coming months (because I am not waiting to watch these until next year, haha, that is too long).
24-10: Finished the first season of Wellington Paranormal and will save the rest for next year, started Dead End, am now up to ep 3 of Nailed It Halloween. As for movies, watched Open House (or Red Flag the movie as the ending just sucked), The Conjuring Devil Made me Do It (scary as heck), Scooby Doo Camp Scare (so awesome).
13-10: Started watching Wellington Paranormal and laughing my butt off, I watched one ep of Nailed it as I am trying to spread it over this month and really enjoyed it. I finished Burn the Witch which was a pretty great show and deserves more. And I finished Totsukuni no Shoujo which was weird but beautiful. Hopefully next week/this weekend I feel good enough to watch some movies. I am just so tired lately that I cannot focus for long times. Oh, and Dead End #2 just came out so I cannot wait to get started on that!
7-10: I watched Goedam which was terrifying and scary and OMG and I need more of it! And I DNF-ed Devil in Ohio (just not getting into it) and School Tales (all the characters annoyed me).

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