Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-10-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-10-2022

Afternoon all!

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A fluffy and spooky welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! Happy Sunday all!

This was OK-ish. Feeling much better, but my tummy is still upset. So I tried to do it a bit easier this week. Haha, not always easy for a girl with ADHD. But I tried! On Friday there was a big event, but that got cancelled for reasons, so instead my hubby and I finally had the chance to get rid of all the stuff we had around the house that I cleaned up/wanted gone over the last few months and brought it to Avalex (recycling centre). And on Saturday we visited the nearby city, my hubby needed some new jeans and there was a sale + I wanted to visit Library #1. Would have loved to also visit Library #4 or do some other things this week, but just the daily things and then Friday/Saturday were plenty enough for me this time. falls asleep
Reading-wise, well thanks to having to take it easy… that went very well. Haha. I had fun reading plenty of books, and well, sadly also DNFing a couple (and not just books from my pile). 🙁

What did I read last week from my TBR? Knuffel me (cute, but the handpuppet things were a tad annoying), Oom Onkruid (hilarious and I love the little fantasy plants in between chapters), Bureau Speurneus (funny and exciting and we visit another book world from the author), Kids in en met de natuur (fun with tons of creative activities), Spinjitzu Brothers (really liked this as we also get more than a glimpse into Garmadon + I love Sphinxes), Chocolade (OMG, YUMMMM), Wat heet! (this was a fun bundle of colums about summer, some I remembered others I didn’t), Vissen (this was more fun than I expected, not happy with corona, but eh, you cannot escape it), Tircerapoep onder de loep (fun and adventurous and love the dinos but LORD Geronimo is annoying), Mees en Tijn (fun story, but the kids annoyed me a bit), Eileens bloementuin (fun, but could definitely use a lot of editing), De bosbaas (OMG, over the top but fun), Ik voel ik voel wat jij niet ziet (this was interesting, fun, gorgeous art, love it).

I tried and dropped? De zolderkampioen (great art but yawn story), Poepen in het park (just couldn’t get into it), Carnival Lost (didn’t work out), Hedgewitch (gorgeous, but so flowery and long descriptions, the book could have been much shorter).

Here is a brand-new stack! Books from last week, 2 books from Library #1 (haul coming tomorrow), new books I bought, and of course it is SPOOKTOBER so I got plenty of spooooky reads on it!

Thank you all for reading! Wish me luck with this new pile and hope for me that I am feeling better so I can just get doing all the things again! Let me know in the comments what you are reading next + what looks good on my stack. And of course, are you reading seasonally for this spooky season? Tell me! And I want to wish you all a very happy Sunday and a great week, stay safe!!

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