Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 23-10-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 23-10-2022

Hiiii everyone!

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Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! Whoo! Sunday!

This week was, for most, uneventful. My health is still not that OK, the allergic reaction I had at the beertour last week Saturday stuck around for 3 days. It wasn’t until Wednesday-ish that I felt much better. Ugh. Really unhappy how that all ended. And then on Thursday my stress levels went up when I felt something weird in Mimi’s side, so off to the vet on Friday and praying to all that is holy that it isn’t tumours. Thankfully, nope. Apparently his cheekpouches run way behind his shoulders and he managed to get food in there. Yup. And not getting it out anymore. Nope. So very happy that one turned out to be just a dumb hamster decision and not a tumour. Thankfully, I had a fun Saturday with libraries and a walk. And now on this Sunday I am just sleepy and reading. XD
Reading-wise, good good week! I guess you have to do something when your body is not agreeing with things. So I read a bit of my stack (or tried to) + Netgalley + Kindle + some other books.

What did I read last week from my TBR? Game On (sooooo exciting), Monsters You Should Know (love love it).

I tried and dropped? All These Bodies (Yawn), Papieren Paradijs (hoping to pick this up again, but not in the mood), Blijf bij me (same as the previous one), The Last Thing He Told Me (didn’t work for me).

Haha, the stack is a tad too big, but with all my new library books I just couldn’t choose and had to add more books to it. My scary books (plus spooky books like Geronimo Stilton) are getting priority as it is still Spooktober and I want to read as much spookiness as I can!

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And that is it! Thanks for reading my post! Wish me luck, I could use it. XD I am kind of sad that Spooktober is almost over already, where did the month go? Let me know in the comments what you are reading, spooky or something else? And let me know what looks good from my stack! I hope everyone has a fantastic day + week! Stay safe!

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