Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 30-10-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 30-10-2022

Hello everyone!

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A warm fluffy welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!

A so-so week with not much exciting stuff happening, well OK, the weather was/is pretty unnatural with how fluffy it is. But other than that, just normal things. My health is still going up and down. We are still looking for a cute dog but so far we only seen one and it is just too far away.
Reading-wise a pretty good week! Made my way through some normal books and some spooky books. I am very happy with all the spookies I read, though I can tell you I am also looking forward to going back to all normal again with just a few bits of spooky here and there. XD

What did I read last week from my TBR? Het is simpel, Stilton (fun, but Sherlock was a dick), De Cupcake Catastrophe (yum and fun with great illustrations), Natuurlijke cosmetica (cute and I want to try out a few of these), Berlijn (soooooo awesome, already wanted to visit, but now even more), Vleermuisgespuis (fun, spooky, though people should really treat Stilton better), Griezelen in de achtbaan (I want to go to this fair as well, spooky and fun), Complot op Schedeleiland (something spooky is happening and I am in, just a bit sad about the family and how they treat Stilton), A Haunted Road Atlas (flailsThis was amazing), Wat gebeurde er met David (not super scary and the ouija didn’t take place until very late, but still a great read), De griezelbus (love love love this new adaptation of the old book), Abberant Tendencies (fans herselfSo sexy, so romantic, so sweet), The Counsellors (had to read the end first, but then I loved the book), Egalus (so adorable and I love the illustrations).

I tried and dropped? Moth (the poetry stuff didn’t work for me), Terry Dentons Gids (just boring), Timberdark (just couldn’t get into it and then I skipped to the end and my eyes rolled so far back by that message there that I gave up and this is going on the bye bye stack).

Here is a new stack of books! Not included are the 3 spooky books I still have (one I am reading). While I do want to read them, for now, after a month, I just want to focus on other books for a bit.

And that is that for this week’s TBR Updates!! Thanks for reading and wish me luck! Let me know in the comments what your plans are this week~ I hope everyone has a fantastic day (and to those of us with an hour extra, enjoy that) and have a great week! Stay safe!

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