The Blogtober Tag

The Blogtober Tag

Afternoon all!

A spooky and halloween welcome to a new tag! Today I am participating in the Blogtober Tag! Squee!

I was bloghopping when I came across this one over at Gazer of Books! I started reading and at the end I knew this would be a tag I wanted to do as well. It is just perfect for this season, perfect for this time. And I had fun!

Original creators of the tag are Life with Jupiter and Dann, go check out their answers.

What is your favorite fall accessory?
I would love to say one of my many scarfs, but it is still pretty warm-ish outside so no scarfs for me yet. But later in fall I definitely got a big choice of fluffy scarfs to wear. But for now? Um, I guess my collection of All Star/Converse shoes? Do those count as accessory? I love wearing those when the days get a bit cooler (because in summer my feet just live in sandals XD). Here is one of my favourites!
Converse, All Stars, Scooby Doo, Shoes
Where do you go to purchase new Halloween decorations / items?
Everywhere I can. I mean, it is still not a big holiday here, starting to grow more and more with the years, these days at least there are decorations, I remember 10 years ago I would struggle to find anything and be happy with even the tiniest thing. These days I still have to go to several stores (HEMA, Intratuin, Big Bazar, Solow, Xenos, Flying Tiger) to see if they have something. Quite often they just rehash what they had last year. But this year I found some new things!
What is one autumn tradition you have?
Decoration, Halloween, Spooky, GIF
Decorate the house with Halloween stuff as soon as October hits, sometimes a bit earlier even!
What is your favorite Halloween Movie?
Nightmare before christmas, Jack Skellington, Bear, Gutting, GIF
Well, of course I will go for Nightmare Before Christmas! Duh. That is my go-to movie for the season~
What is one candy you’d hope to not see in your bag while trick-or-treating?
We don’t have trick-or-treating here. Or well, it is slowly starting up a tiny little bit but just for the really tiny kids. But that is just a recent development. But let’s see, if I were to trick-or-treat, I would very much hope to NOT get anything with nuts or peanuts. Because I am deadly allergic to those.
Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?
Hot Chocolate, Pink Cup, Marshmallow, Yummy, Drink
People will be gasping at me but here we go Hot chocolate all the way. I am not a pumpkin girl. I tried stuff a few times but UGH. So give me hot chocolate all the time. Preferably with a nice dollop of whipped cream on top! Maybe some chocolate powder to finish it all off, or maybe some brownie bits here and there. YUMMM!
Coziest thing to wear as the weather gets colder?
I got several items in my closet that are super cozy, so a tough choice! But I think I will go for the two XL sweaters my hubby got from work a year or two ago. He doesn’t wear sweaters, just shirts, so I got it! And boy, it is so cozy! Very big and fluffy! Love it!
What is the coolest design you’ve ever carved or painted onto a pumpkin?
Halloween is still not a big holiday here, so I have only done carving once. I have been seeing people do it in American shows/movies or read about it. It was utter hell to gut a pumpkin as I didn’t have any of the right tools. These days they do have packages of tools available, but when I tried my hand at it 5 years ago.. nothing. I just had a knife (almost cut my fingers off) and a spoon and a fork. Neither really wanted to cooperate. XD I don’t have a photograph of it. Maybe somewhere on my PC, but I wouldn’t know where to search for it. But I made a Jack Skellington head and it was so cool and I loved it. Well, until it started melting. Then it just became NOPE. XD

Thank you all for reading! BOY this was oodles of fun to answer, I am glad I found this tag! I was already wondering if I should search around for one when this one just came along. I hope you liked my answers and if you are doing this one let me know, because I am so curious to see what my readers would answer! Happy Halloween! Happy Spooktober!

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