Things I Would Love to do This Autumn aka a Small Bucket List

Things I Would Love to do This Autumn aka a Small Bucket List

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to an autumny post! Today I am showing you all the things I hope to do this Autumn (and well, Spooktober).

I thought it would be fun to do a bucket list for once. Normally I don’t do a lot of posts away from books, but I just couldn’t resist. I saw a few other book bloggers do this one as well and thought, heck, why shouldn’t I do this one as well? It looks so much fun and I got plenty of things on my bucket list to share!

1. Find a cute doggo!
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As I have told a few times throughout the past months I can search for a doggo again. Or well, almost, just a few more days to go before I can try again. We stopped in February because it just seemed that I just couldn’t put myself over my anxiety of getting a dog, so we decided to wait after the vacation to start again. So September. However as the months went on we got a few extra family/friend events and we decided to wait until those were over so we could search in peace and also have the time and space to get used to the doggo and she/he to us. But now it is almost time and I am freaking nervous. I do hope that this time I can get my anxiety in check. Just let it know it is fine. That it is scary and it will be new, but that we can do it! I hope that I can find a fluffy friend.
2. Pumpkins!

I just love love adding pumpkins or tiny gourds to my home and I just haven’t been able to do so. I hope that today or Friday I will get my chance to get a few pumpkins! And then spread it as the month continues! This year though I will be putting something under the pumpkins on the porch because haha, last year one just melted and it was heck of clean-up. XD
3. Decorate the house!
I love decorating my house. Oh no, nothing like those American houses you see that go all out. But I do want to decorate the inside of the house and the big window in the front of the house with some fun spooky/spoopy Halloween decorations! Often I would have done this already at the end of September, but I just haven’t been in the right headspace for a while now. But last Saturday I bought some new things and I added them and I feel like I am getting more in the mood, so I hope this week to add some more decorations until all is full!
4. Take some walks, this time with autumn setting.
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So, I love walking already. It is so much fun to do at the end of the day! Just a nice calming walk. Sometimes short sometimes long. I cannot wait until the leaves are falling and I can just dance in the leaves again! For now though, most of the trees are still quite green, so it will be a while. Then again… you never know. Haha, I have seen it go from green to orange to dropping leaves on the ground all within a week!
5. Bake all the yummy autumn foods (apple/chocolate).
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I am so so excited for fall! I already love baking but for fall I like to go all out on chocolate and apple treats. And with Halloween coming up I want to bake some delicious Halloween-shaped cookies! I also got some colour stuff this year so I can’t wait to make orange muffins, cookies, or orange buttercream! Eep!
6. Watch all the spooky movies!
A few days ago I showed you all my list of movies and series I want to watch! All the spookies! I got everything from terrifying to more tame stuff and I cannot wait to get watching them this autumn/Spooktober.
7. Read all the spooky books + later on read some warm cosy books!
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For now, for this Spooktober, I got a whole bunch of spooky and scary and absolutely terrifying books to read! And I hope that after this month I will be able to read some cosy books, because November is perfect for that! See my list of Spooky Books here.
8. Drink a lot of hot chocolate!
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I am a big lover of hot chocolate. I drink it mostly during Autumn, so that is one thing on my bucket list, drink a lot of hot chocolate. With whipped cream. Or without. With cookies. With some yummy baked goods (see #5). Under a cosy blanket! Ah! I love it!
9. Drink some yummy autumn-seasonal beers (find new ones).

Thanks to my hubby introducing me to some yummy beers a few years prior I love a good beer! And with this new season it means new beers! But also that there are beers that I already know are brought back! I cannot wait to drink plenty of yummy IJboks! Plus, in less than 2 weeks there is a beer event with plenty of (hopefully) yummy autumn beers! I hope to find some new ones~

So as you can see! Plenty of good things that I hope to do this autumn! Let me know in the comments what is up on your list! I hope everyone has an amazing autumn!

2 thoughts on “Things I Would Love to do This Autumn aka a Small Bucket List

  1. Oh- I’m not a beer fanatic, but autumn themed beer?! wow, im curious!
    I’m currently in the same mood with reading and watching horror & spooky! (or thrillers- still counts if you ask me..) Autumn is also the best season for walks. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s also not freezing or too hot to move; Usually .. though where I live it’s either warning for frost OR back to being too warm to walk dogs 🤦🏽‍♀️

    My goto favorite comfort food for autumn are apples roasted in cinnamon & brown sugar, my absolute favorite!

    1. Yep! Often with typical fall flavours (for example apple, chocolate, cinnamon, pepernoten/kruidnoten, speculaas) and just a bit more heavy than summer/spring beers. It is always fun to find new ones!
      Whoo! We are both in the spooky mood. Thrillers definitely do count. I have read plenty to say that they are perfect for this season.
      Haha, seems your weather doesn’t understand fall then. Here it is as you described. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect.
      OMG, that sounds absolutely delicious. Now I want some of that!!

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