What I Hope To Read November 2022

What I Hope To Read November 2022

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A fluffy warm welcome to a new What I hope to read post! Featuring the releases I look forward to the most! This time November!

Holy. Where did the month go? It feels like I am just preparing for October and all the spookiness, getting excited to finally be able to search for a dog… and now the month is almost over and the search for a doggo is on! October was a good month though. Tons of spookiness. Tons of fun. There was a beertour. There were walks with autumn décor. I got both my newest covid vaccination as well as my yearly flu shot. I read a ton of good books and hope to read some more these coming 9 days. I watched some great spooky things on Netflix/HBO or anime. OK, health-wise I would have liked a bit better things there. I have been tired all month. Sniffly and snotty. My stomach is also not too happy. So I hope that November brings better health. crosses fingers

So what did I read from last month’s What I hope To read? Well, I am about to read the two Dutch novellas (Bloedzomer/David), and I read Paprika Vol.2. Colleen Hoover + Sasquatch were either not findable or too expensive. Ira Marcks’ book isn’t out yet. Bibi Dumon Tak’s book no clue, it should have come out but never did. Sylvia Witteman’s book has been moved to November. I was able to check the Heartstopper book in a store (magically I guess that is what happens when a series is so popular even my country gets the books) and I wasn’t that impressed so I am not getting that unless I find it at the library. Oh well, I don’t mind. More to read in times that I got less to read. XD

Very excited about this upcoming month. Some great books are coming out in both Dutch and English! I am very curious about the Spongebob Mysteries book, it looks fab. And I love the Christmas Princess book it looks adorable. And I am excited for new books by authors I love (Mel Wallis de Vries, Jochem Myer, Rainbow Rowell) and a sequel (Dungeon Academy).

Let me know in the comments what you are looking forward to! And let’s get to my books! Eep!

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