WWW Wednesday #34 ~ 5-10-2022

WWW Wednesday #34 ~ 5-10-2022

Good evening all!

Welcome all to a new WWW Wednesday! I thought it would be fun to do this one again~

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! My week so far is going fine. I am a bit tired, OK, a lot of tired. XD I am excited as I got my letter to get the newest corona vaccination and thankfully I can go soon! I got to make an appointment on Sunday, whoop! Now I just need the flu shot, can’t wait until I get the letter for that, hopefully soon! And I cannot wait for Friday as I want to make some yummy new baked goods. Hopefully my apples are still fine as I plan to make some apple recipes.
And yes, my reading this week are going great. With me being so tired I do have to take some rest, don’t want to crash after all.

About WWW Wednesdays: WWW WednesdayΒ is a meme hosted by Sam ofΒ Taking on a World of Words. It is a fun way to show readers what you are reading, what you finished, what you want to read next.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


The Warrior in My Wardrobe (The Misadventures of Merdyn the Wild #2) by Simon Farnaby, Claire Powell, Orange, Magic, Fantasy, Humour, Children's Book, Family, brother, sister, guinea pig
This one! One of my libraries FINALLY had it and even in English, bless! I really liked the first book but wasn’t sure if I wanted more of it (yes confusing I know), so I didn’t buy the second book. But if it is in the library… then don’t mind me. Then I will give it a shot. So far I read a couple of pages and I am liking it, though also slightly frustrated with the characters. XD
Recently Finished, WWW Wednesday, Reading, Books, Rainbow, Plant
The Dispossessed by Antoinette McCormick, Horror, Face, Screaming
These three books! Dispossessed was a horror novella that had some fun twists. I do wish it was just a bit longer, maybe had an epilogue, but I did have fun reading it and it was plenty of spooky/scary! Next up I trying out Geronimo Stiltons. So far I am not sure. I mean, the dinosaur series just annoyed me as he was so whiny and OMG just shut up, however this Bollywood book? He was at times a bit whiny/complainy but I could agree with him. I mean, being chased by a tiger or dragged to a foreign place? So I may just check out more of his books. And then lastly we have a new book by David Baddiel and I had fun reading it. About a very normal boy becoming famous. Billy was a fun character though he did get a bit cocky. But there is plenty of character growth and fun situations. Plus, character cameos from the other books written by him.

Survive the Night by Riley Sager, University, Roadtrip, Murder, Serial Killer, Adult, HorrorHayley Mysteries: The Missing Jewels (Hayley Mysteries #2) by Hayley LeBlanc, Mystery, Children's Book, Fame, Show, TV, Acting, Purple, Girls, Boy
These two! I just cannot pick which one I am reading first, both really scream at me! One is more horror/thriller while the other is more mystery + tv show. So it depends on my mood.

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