It’s Finally Fall Book Tag

It’s Finally Fall Book Tag

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all to a new Book Tag! It is almost winter, I know, but I just didn’t have time sooner to get this post up! Welcome to It’s Finally Fall Book Tag!

I was so eager to participate in this book tag, it sounded like a real big fun and I loved the questions. While reading this one over at the blog I found it I was just thinking of what I would answer! And here we are!

I came across this wonderful tag over at Read to Ramble (check out their answers + their amazing blog). They didn’t list an original creator as there was none to be found, so as they said, if you know who it is? Let me know!!

In fall, the air is crisp and clear | Name a book with a vivid setting!
Dowry of Blood, Vampires, Dracula, Letters, LGBT, Fantasy, Horror, Brown, Skeletons, Veil, Woman, Dancing, Retelling, Brown, Red, Flowers, Blood
This one, definitely! I could just envision myself walking with the characters on their journeys. The author really describes the various places they visit in great detail.

Nature is beautiful… but also dying | Name a book that is beautifully written, but also deals with a heavy topic like loss or grief.

Out to Sea by Helen Kellock, Loss, Mourning, Emotions, Anxiety, Gorgeous, Picture Book, Cover Love, Girl, Boat, Animals, Sea, Loss, Grandparents
This beauty of a book which deals with the loss of a grandmother. It was heart-breaking, especially since I lost both my grandparents within a few months (my grandpa December 2021 and my grandma in May 2022). It was a tough read and made me cry more than once, but very beautiful and I would highly recommend it.

Fall is back to school season | Share a non-fiction book that taught you something new.

First up, thankful I am not going to school anymore. Whoo! Now to the question, a non-fiction book that taught me something new? Mmmm. Let’s see. I will go for this one! It is a funny book about various world-leaders throughout the ages. I knew quite a bit already but learned some new facts and I love that! The writing-style was also really fun, featuring time travel + interviews.
Interview With Cleopatra and Other Famous Rulers by Andy Seed, Gareth Conway, History, Non-Fiction, Time Travel, Children's Book, Cleopatra, Fun

In order to keep warm, it’s good to spend time with the people we love | Name a fictional family/household/friend group that you’d like to be a part of.

I know I know, people will burn me to the ground. But I am sorry. I just will always go for the Weasleys. Always. I know that JK did many bad things, is a bad person… but this family is one I would just love to meet. I would love to get to know more. Get a warm fluffy sweater from Mrs Weasley. Enjoy the chaos that is their household. I would love to experience a family that is so close-knitted and where everyone is encourage to be who they want to be.

The colourful leaves are piling up on the ground | Show us a pile of fall-coloured spines!

Fall, Books,

Fall is the perfect time for some storytelling by the fireside | Share a book wherein somebody is telling a story.

That is a hard one. I know I have read books like this.. but I just cannot for the life remember. If anyone has a Goodreads list or something? Let me know. I tried googling, but google just gave me books on storytelling and how to do that. XD

The nights are getting darker | Share a dark, creepy read.

It's Behind You, Horror, Thriller, Reality Game Show, Reality Show, Light Bulb, Scary, Young Adult, Kathryn Foxfield
OH BOY. This is a hard one! I got SO MANY great fantastic creepy reads! Let’s see. Mm? This one? Nah! This one? Mmm. YES. I will be going for this book. It is delightfully spooky and scared the wits out of me. XD Dark spooky caves, claustrophobia, someone is there as well, people die, no escape. Yep, it was perfect.

The days are getting colder | Name a short, heartwarming read that could warm up somebody’s cold and rainy day.

Tea Dragon Society, Dragons, Tea, Graphic Novel, Fantasy
This series! This is the first book and it is just adorable, sweet, warm, fluffy, plenty of shipping to happen, and absolutely gorgeous art!

Fall returns every year | Name an old favourite that you’d like to return to soon.

Mm, I don’t think I have a book I would like to return to this year. I would rather focus on new books that I want to read.

Fall is the perfect time for cosy reading nights | Share your favourite cosy reading accessories!

All my fluffy and warm blankets that I can finally use because now it is cold enough for them! I got a whole collection varying from tiny to big cover all your body and some more. And this year I finally found some electric/working on battery candles that look really real and even flicker. They really set the scene! Plus, of course, a mug of something to drink (either tea or chocolate milk) is needed. Plus, my fluffy arm chair that also reclines so I can also just lie down while reading. Perfect!


I would tag all of my readers! This was such a fun tag and I would love to see it pop up even more in the blogosphere. Be sure to tag me/let me know if you are doing this one, I am curious about everyone’s answers! Thanks for reading my post and I hope you all have a fantastic day!

4 thoughts on “It’s Finally Fall Book Tag

  1. I would LOVE to hear your creepy read picks! I’m a horror and true crime junkie. For December I’ll be reading The Turn of the Screw which is about a group of men around a fire telling ghost stories. Just part of my Christmas horror TBR list!

    1. Aww! Well here are a few: Dreadwood by Jennifer Killick, Selfies by Tidhar Lavie, Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay, Relic by Gretchen McNeil, 172 hours on the moon by Johan Harstad, almost all of the books written by Darcy Coates. If you are in for manga I would also recommend Higurashi: When They Cry. As for graphic novel be sure to check out Abby Howard’s The Crossroads at Midnight. Oh, and try out Haunted Road Atlas which features a road trip through the US with ghost AND crime stories! Hope there is something in there that you like~ I hope you enjoy Turn of the Screw! Maybe I will also be reading some horror stuff for Christmas. I still got some left from my Spooktober TBR.

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