Library Haul ~ 12-11-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 12-11-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Good afternoon all! 📚📚📚

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Welcome to a shiny new Library Haul! On Saturday I visited Libraries #2 and #3 and had a fantastic time~

Normally I would post this one on Sunday… but with Sunday being full + me being sick (flu/cold which started on Sunday and is today also still very happily around) I just thought it would be best to put it for Monday!

First up I went to Library #3. Thankfully, there is a check-in and a check-out at the lower floor now. Bad side, they are still renovating and now the 2nd and 3rd floors are up in chaos. I did try to hunt some books (already had found 6 at the new releases part at the lower floor/entry floor), but in the end I just gave up because it was way too chaotic, way too noisy, and way too much. I just went downstairs again and search through the new releases again to find 2 more books. Hopefully next time things are a bit quieter and easier to find. I am happy they are finally renovating, but good lord, its been months and I just want my favourite library back.

Onwards to Library #3 where I had 34 reservations waiting for me, a lot of books yes, I just kept finding fun books and reserved them. I also had a few books that I reserved but hadn’t been found, in the end I found like 1 book, no clue what happened to the rest. XD But I had fun searching for the books + also searching for other books because with 34 books there is still plenty of room to get a few more books. It was nice and quiet in the library which helped (my head wasn’t in the mood).

A big thank you to the lady who helped me out when my trolley with books decided that things were just not worth it and toppled from the frame and all the books went everywhere. I thought I would make it to the desk to check the books out, but apparently my worthless trolley was like, nah man, 40 books is too much. Bye. I am really thankful that someone helped me out, because the books were everywhere.

So I got plenty to read and already read a couple in the weekend. I am very excited about these books, especially because there are so many great non-fiction books to read~

STATS: 8 books at Library #3 and 43 at Library #2!

NOTE: First picture is Library #3 and the other 3 are Library #2.

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Mysteries Wereldwijd by Carl Bries
Pompoenprins by Cristina Oliva, Cristina Carini, Anna Maria Colantoni
Liefde in Taigh Fallon by Kirsty Ferry
Gesprekken op maandag by Vonne van der Meer
Lichtjaren beter by Tim Knol
Cartoons 2022 by various cartoonist
Divided we stand by Mathias Braschler, Monika Fischer
All-American Ads by Steven Heller, Heimann Jim

Het geheim van Raoul Taburin by Sempé
Iza en de verdwenen pony by Simone Foekens
De test voor de Toverschool by Lida Dijkstra
Gouden boekje: Geheime Tuin by Frances Gilbert
Eerste hulp bij feestjes by Elisa van Spronsen
De knorrige koning by Job Kühlkamp
Geheim agent juf by Manon Sikkel
Fontana Banana by Judith Visser
Welkom op kasteel Vrekkenstein by Geronimo Stilton
Het spookt in Rome by Geronimo Stilton
Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas
Wat we niet zeggen by Nadine Swagerman
Zomer in de B&B by Kaat de Kock
Introweek by Anja Janssen
Hotel Happiness by Floortje Sanders

Wandelen met Hella by Helle van der Wijst
Stay True to Who You Are by Vanessa van Cartier
Felix de stationskat by Kate Moore
Street Art: Guide to Paris by Stéphanie Lombard
De allermooiste kastelen van Nederland by Quinten Lange
Reizen Waes Vlaanderen by Tom Waes
Reizen Waes Europa by Tom Waes
Reizen Waes by Tom Waes
De 21 mooiste wandelingen door de Nationale Parken by René Alblas
Outdoor Kids – Vogels Spotten by Gerard Janssen
Altijd in bloei by Bex Partridge
3 Ingrediënten per cocktails by Kate Calder
Doorgelicht by Bram Langeveld
Jouw konijn verzorging by Ilse Pos, Viane Scharloo
Lekkers van om de hoek by Anouk Overman Marije Dunning
Vogels by Kim Crabeels
Geheimen van de doden by Matt Ralphs
Superchille krokodillen by Owen Davey

Mama doet gek by Alice van de Geest
Coco, kijk uit! by Loes Riphagen
Nieuwe voertuigen LEGO City by Unknown
Het spookt in dit huis by Oliver Jeffers
Hoe ging dat ook alweer 2 by Heidi Jaspers, Henk van der Gugten
Dino’s geven nooit op! by Smriti Halls
De wereld van gigantosaurus by Jonny Duddle
Bij Babushka by Svetlana Romanova
S&W: De kale kroon by Luc Morjaeu
De dertig mooiste verhalen: De sprookjesverteller by Thé Tjong-Khing

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