Review for A Haunting in Greeneville

Review for A Haunting in Greeneville

The Wright Detective #3 A Haunting in Greeneville Kelly Swan Taylor, Mystery, Romance, Sports, Halloween, House, Costumes, Children/MG, Young AdultI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

The third book in The Wright Detective series and OMG, this series just keeps getting better and better with each book. This one was just so so much fun and I enjoyed every bit.

😍 Loved the mysteries we got in this one. Of course, the big one that started in the previous book and is getting solved in this one. The one with the burglaries, break-ins, and mysterious things happening. Does Dunbar have something to do with it? He is expanding quite a bit and it is quite sus. I loved that Tessa really bit into the case and tried to save her town, the stores, from disappearing. I loved that she had help from her friends, but also from Mason! Yep, our boy is helping! Then there is a mystery in a spooky house (which I was surprised they took as a case given who wanted them to help) and that one was great because of what was actually going on. And now we have a new mystery featuring a bracelet. I got some faint suspicions so I cannot wait for the next book to get this one started for real.
😍 I loved seeing how the big case ended and I loved what happens next for Tessa, and her dad. I have to say I was a bit worried at first, but I guess I shouldn’t have. XD
😍 The cross country. OK, to be fair, I got a bit bored, but then again track is still not my favourite sport + with Tess often winning, I get that she is good, but it does get a bit bland, if you get what I mean. But I still had fun reading and cheering for Tess. For Nick and Owen. And of course Riley. Plus, thanks to these meets we also get to meet some new peeps, like Amelia, who I hope we get to see more of in the next books!
😍 Mason and Tessa! They are such a cute and adorable couple and I was definitely hoping they would be able to have their first kiss. Haha, Tessa really wants to, but Mason just doesn’t get the hint. I loved seeing the two of them see each other at meets, go out on small dates, make another bet for essays, have a birthday party, and more.
😍 The family of Tessa! I really love her parents and also her tiny little brother (who is still crying a heck lot, haha). And then there is Hannah. She is so sweet and awesome. I loved how Tessa’s mom and dad, despite being ultra-busy, took time for Tessa. Talked to her. Made her some yummy extra food. Tried to be there for meets. Tried to make sure that Tessa had a space to escape to. And I loved how sweet they were with Mason!
😍 The kitties! We don’t see them a lot, but we do get to see them and I was just squeeing in delight!
😍 Another great cover! I couldn’t wait to see this scene in the book and was so delighted when we got to it!
😍 That it takes place in autumn, just after the summer vacation ended and then up to October/November. It is perfect because it is fall right now and I loved getting even more fall vibes.
😍 Loved reading about Tessa’s friends and see them have fun meetings (mm, pizza).
😍 I am normally not one to read author notes, but I would recommend everyone to do it for these books. They are so fun to read, giving more background in the stories or why the author wrote x or y. Inspirations and such.
😍 The Halloween party + the outfits of Mason and Tessa! Just perfect!
😍 YAS to all the Nancy Drew vibes and references and seeing her read the books!

🙄 Willow. Just no.

All in all, I could probably go on and on about the book because it was just so much fun! I would recommend it to everyone! And I cannot wait for the next book in the series and get to see some Christmas! Or well, I hope, but give everything I am assuming next will be Christmas.

Star rating, 5 stars

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