Review for Behind the Curtain

Review for Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain by Sara Del Giudice, World World War II, Girl, Curtain, Graphic NovelI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just love books about history from ancient Egypt to Rome to WWII. And so when I saw this graphic novel about a girl growing up in the time before war and then also during war, I had to read it.

In this book we follow a girl named Yael. She is very observant (though at times she just listens on conversations) and hears all sorts of things. She may not always understand everything, but it was interesting how much the adults said while they knew the kids were around. We see her try to figure things out. Because she hears that Hitler and the Germans don’t like Jews. Is she Jewish? Is her sister Jewish? She tries to figure it out, asking people. From her father to her nanny. We see her grow up in a world at unrest. A world set to be thrown into chaos.

We see how things escalate. From just rumours and talk and maybe some rotten remarks to drafts and being at war. We see that the dad has to go to war and him coming back home. I was so happy he could come home, so many people never did. We see rationing. We read about false alarm and then when things go really really wrong. We see that dad and stepmother have to make decisions. Declare the kids as Jewish? But even if they didn’t the police/the authorities would have their names. They would know. They would find them. I was just so screaming at my screen when there was an opportunity for the girls to be taken somewhere else (though Spain isn’t the safest either) and that they decided they would wait. OH, I have heard/read that so many times in books like this. But when it is time… it is too late.

I wasn’t a fan of the father, the daughter clearly wasn’t sure on the woman, but I knew. Daddy had been a cheating ass while his wife was sick and dying. 😐 Later on dad became better and I loved how he cared for his kids. And I could also see that he really liked Ophelie, but seriously, just wait until your wife is dead before you start doing things with another woman.

The ending, oh no no no no you cannot end it there. You just can’t. No. Just no. I need to know. What happened afterwards? Given what we read later… I can guess. My heart is broken. 🙁

The art was nice, I liked the style and it fitted well with the historical setting.

But once again, and I feel like I am just talking to a wall, please dear publishers make the font readable for ARC reading/online reading. I love special fonts, really I do, but I really had to strain to read it. I need to add that I was wearing my glasses. It just took away from the reading experience.

But all in all, a lovely, heart breaking graphic novel about WWII, figuring out who you are, growing up, family, and more. Recommended.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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