Review for Frank and Bert

Review for Frank and Bert

Frank and Bert by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros, Children's Book, Picture Book, Bear, Fox, Humour, Hide and Seek, Choices, Friendship A wonderful and hilarious book about two best friends and playing hide and seek.

I read this book in Dutch but had so much fun reading it that I just had to write a review in both English and Dutch. I need to share this with all my readers!

Meet Frank and Bert, two best friends. Very good friends! They love playing Hide and Seek a lot (like a whole lot). However Bert is just terrible at it. I mean, he hides in trees. I can hear you say, but Mehsi? That is an excellent hiding space. Yes, if you were small and tiny. But if you are a big bear like Bert? The tree just bends down. XD And that is just one of his hiding spots. Bert is just not too happy about things, which I could also understand, but maybe someone should tell him to just hide better, give him some pointers. But Frank decides to go for something else. He allows Bert to to get a bit more time + he makes a big decision later on which made me smile. Because that is definitely friendship. Sometimes happiness for a friend is just the best one.

The ending had me in complete stitches, I had so not expected that one! And that makes me wonder about one thing. I am not going to tell because that would be a spoiler, but I can just say to my readers that I was very sus. XD

The illustrations were just so pretty, I love the details on the furs, and I just had a giggle at how the bear was running around with his little legs. I absolutely loved the colours used, they pop!

All in all, recommended to all! A book about friendship, making choices, hide and seek, and more.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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