Review for Gecko’s Echo

Review for Gecko’s Echo

Gecko's Echo by Lucy Rowland, Natasha Rimmington, Picture Book, Parenting, Eggs, Bravery, Bad Animals, Children's BookA really adorable book about courage and thinking up fantastic plans to save eggs.

I saw this book yesterday at the library and just had to take it with me. I was so curious about this Gecko’s plans! I am glad I did because I really enjoyed this picture book.

In this book we meet a Gecko who lives a happy live in a tiny village. She has a wonderful live in a beautiful cave and to add to that wonderful life… she also has 3 little eggs waiting to hatch. And while the village is mostly quiet and fun… there is always danger lurking. Either just as small as she is or way bigger. I admired her bravery. Instead of being scared and hiding, she stood her ground and made up a wonderful threat. If they (the baddies who I really didn’t like) come close there will be the wrath of x geckos to fear! I had such a laugh at those pages with all those geckos, I can imagine that most animals would just be like, well, nope, thank you, bye. I was curious if she would manage to startle them all until the babies hatched. So I both anxiously and excitedly flipped the pages to see what would happen next.

And OH NO, something happened, but the Gecko thought of yet another brave plan and I was just applauding and cheering! Go mom! Go mommy gecko!

The ending was just the sweetest and a perfect way to end this wonderful and brave book.

The illustrations were perfection. The style was just so cute and as I said I loved those pages filled with gecko’s, so much chaos and such fun expressions.

All in all, I would recommend this fun picture book to all. A book about bravery, about parenting, about protecting those you love.

Star rating, 4 stars

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