Review for Grimwood

Review for Grimwood

Grimwood, Nadia Shireen, Animals, Funny, Foxes, Children's Book, IllustrationsA laugh-out-loud silly book about two foxes who move to the topsy-turvy town of Grimwood.

I have had my eyes on this book for a while now, and wanted to read it even more after reading the World Book Day novella, and finally one of my libraries had it in stock!

😍 Loved the two foxes. OK, well, I had to get used to Nancy. I get where she is coming from and why she is so protective, but your brother isn’t a little kit anymore. He wants to explore the world, have a great time, discover new things, and especially make friends. All the friends. But I did love Nancy eventually because she is a sweet girl who also needs some extra love. And maybe some coffee (but not too much because that can get dangerous). Ted was such a fun character and I really liked seeing him just decide to go out. To grab his new friend’s hand and just have a great time.
😍 The villain, Princess Buttons (yes, really), was very well-written. I didn’t like her at all, but as a villain she was fantastic. Over the top, crazy, mad, seriously having lost some screws in the time on the street (or I should say more, because I am not sure if there were many screws present). She fits very well in the story which is also over the top. Then again, if someone lopped of my tail (not that I have one, but say I have one), I would also be seriously pissed. XD
😍 The various creatures living in the town or well, countryside part that is called Grimwood. We got squirrels, a stag as a mayor, a murderous bird with conspiracy theories in her head (hi Pamela, don’t rip my head off please), a cute bunny named Willow who will soon be a best friend for Ted, and so many more. I mean, watch out for the badgers.
😍 The story was fun and I loved that we got to see Ted and Nancy getting used to Grimwood and looking out for their arch-nemesis and at times we got some POVs from the evil cat + Nancy’s old friends.
😍 I want to visit Grimwood. OK, wearing a helmet and some extra bonus-padding in case it is Treebonk season. But it sounds like such a weird and over the top place, and sometimes one just needs that.
😍 The illustrations are just fantastic, I really love love the style!
😍 Getting a map at the beginning. Those who know me know that I love maps and give out some extra bonus points when they are in a book.
😍 Eric Dynamite, a woodlouse who at times breaks the story to tells us extra bits. I loved it. It just gave the book something extra.
😍 The ending and the plan to stop Princess Buttons. I won’t tell you what the plan is, but DANG. I guess, given everything in the book, I could have expected it, but it was still a surprise.
😍 Each time you think it may go to a bit more normal, BOOM. Something happens again. There is just no rest. And that is perfect. Take me on a trip. Go!
😍 Treebonk, that just made me laugh so so much.

All in all, I could probably list plenty more 😍😍😍😍😍 but I will keep at this. This was just a rollercoaster of fun, madcap adventures, and more. And I definitely want to get book 2 now!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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