Review for High-Rise Mystery

Review for High-Rise Mystery

High-rise Mystery (High-Rise Mystery #1) by Sharna Jackson , Mystery, Murder, Apartments, Children's BooksMeet Nik and Norva, two sisters who are eager to solve all the mysteries!

😍 Love that it is about two sisters and I really liked their bond! They stood up for each other. Helped each other out. Made us of each others skills and formed a good duo with each having skills that are necessary.
😍 I had a laugh at how Norva constantly just shut off when Mark was near. Haha, I remember that when I was her age and the boy of my dreams would walk by. Mehsi.exe has died.
😍 I loved the community and how tight-knit the Tri was. Or well, we just mostly see one part of the Tri, but what we see there is a great sense of community.
😍 The mystery was very interesting! There are many twists and turns and things kept being exciting until the end. I had my suspicions on what was going and who may have done it. That part was really well written.
😍 George was quite the character. He always made me laugh when he came in the picture. OK, again, something I will mention in my 🤔, the way he talked was not clicking with me because in all my life I haven’t heard anyone talk like this. But I loved that he was so dedicated to making sounds/”music”. I loved how he was there for the sisters. Helping them out. Motivating them. Cheering for them. He was like a cheerleader. XD
😍 It was fun to read about the Tri. The building. The history. How it looked. The yellow paint. I would have loved to truly visit. Well, on a good day. Definitely not a mind-searing hot summer time like it is in the story.
😍 I did think it was funny everyone in the community knew about a certain thing… but our kid detectives? Totally oblivious. XD

😶 One neutral. That is Katie. I really liked Katie.. but how did she become a police officer? I am sorry, but throughout this book it felt like she was playing one and not being one for real.

🤔 The way the girls talked was at times very odd. Maybe that is how some teens/kids talk, but I have never heard any do it. Well, OK, maybe. But that is in movies or music videos. Not real life. I just had to re-read sentences because I just didn’t get things. Then we had two guys who were artistic and just felt like a spoof of Shaggy or someone else from a 70s show. Seminal! Liminal! Fresh! Ace! I am sorry. I just.. no. And the writing style in general wasn’t always clicking with me. It felt just a bit too over the top.
🤔 WHY IN LORD’S NAME would you throw down a fake dummy puppet down the chute when the police is arriving and the crime scene is being blocked? Why not wait for a bit longer until things are quieter? It just felt so odd that within minutes of them finding a dead body they went to prepare for a doll to test out theories. Plus, I found it a bit too much that they cleaned up, but left their stuff like that and didn’t care about it. I am sorry, if it was just things like tissues or something cheap. But books? Clothes? Trophies? WTF? Also, did they not think of that it may be an even bigger implication if someone found it and figured out that it was their stuff?
🤔 How they were set on one person after a while. And then discounted others because of an emotional bond. That is like the one rule in mystery stuff, never trust anyone. Everyone can have done it.
🤔 Jane. On the one hand I did like her. But I just found it weird that she could come in the apartment. Even later when we learn what is going on, I was like, maybe at least tell the girls instead of just acting like their home is your home? You can’t just lurk in the freaking dark girl. That is not cool.

All in all, despite some things that didn’t click with me, I had fun reading this book. And yes, if one of my libraries ever get book 2 (for now in September they only have 1) I will be getting it. Because again, it was fun.

Star rating, 3 stars

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