Review for History’s BIGGEST Show-offs

Review for History’s BIGGEST Show-offs

History's BIGGEST Show-offs by Andy Seed, Sam Caldwell, Humour, History, Non-Fiction, Illustrations, Fun, Artists, Musicians, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Those who know me by now know that I absolutely love reading history books. However, I do tend to go to the more humorous books. When I was a kid/teen I loved Horrible History series (and the spin-offs that came from that). Recently I read a book by Andy Seed in which the author interviewed Cleopatra and Other Famous Rules. Plus, I read his hilarious nature book about Gross Animals. So when I saw a new non-fiction book pop up on Netgalley by him with the subject of history you don’t know how fast I hit that Read Now button. I just HAD to have it.

I loved the introduction + that you could go your own way with this book. You didn’t have to just go from one to the other you could decide to just read about modern times! Or just go to Post-Classical! Whatever is your fancy. Though I am pretty sure this works better in a physical book as I would have to scroll to find the right age and I am sure that the tabs are visible on top or side of the book in the physical allowing one to just flip instantly.

There are three big sections in this book. People in Charge (from Tarabai to Zog to Alexander the Great), People Who Think Up Stuff (Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace), People Who Create Things (Antoni Gaudí, Frida Kahlo). And apparently in those sections you had Top 5s and battles and some other fun things! I was definitely excited when I checked out that content page. I was just rubbing my hands in excitement and bouncing a bit in my chair (well, OK, a lot as my ADHD doesn’t know what a little bounce is). I decided to just start at the People Who Create Things, then go to People in Charge, and then People Who Think Up Stuff. I wanted to mix it up a bit.

I loved that the sections start with a fun guessing game and the portraits of various people. I had fun seeing if I could match them all and was then excited to read about these people. Most I knew of course, but I was sure there may be one or two I wasn’t too familiar with (yes, despite all the reading I don’t know everything XD).

I had a lot of fun reading each section. Learning new bits about people I knew (and love), learning new people. Laughing at the battles. Doing quizzes. Laughing some more but this time because of the excellent illustrations by Sam Caldwell which really brought an extra sparkle, glitter, and humour to the book. I also love how the book was formatted/the pages were done. With small facts and big facts, an introduction, a big illustration, but also some smaller ones. It was a feast for the eyes.

Bonus points to the timeline at the end, which didn’t entirely work for an e-book, but still was a very fun addition! Just giving just a bit more insight on when what was/who lived.

All in all, HIGHLY recommended! This was oodles of fun and I am sure kids (and adults like me) will love this bonkers fun history book!

Star rating, 5 stars

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