Review for Idol Gossip: A K-Pop dream come true

Review for Idol Gossip: A K-Pop dream come true

Idol Gossip: A K-Pop dream come true by Alexandra Leigh Young, Young Adult, Music, K-pop, Sister, Family, Music, Friendship, Girl, GlassesThis was oodles and oodles of fun! I loved seeing Alice grow and get better and better!

😍 Loved that this one was all about K-pop! And not just the pretty sides but that we also saw some bad sides. Like the dieting, the gruelling program, the no-dating-unless-approved. But the good sides were so much fun. The light stick colour reveal (though I had expected a more colourful colour). The album name and the group name. The new songs. The outfits (though I hated how Alice was treated, like I am sure she is not fat).
😍 Loved seeing how hard Alice worked. On everything. Yes, it tired her out, but she kept going. She had a goal and she wanted to reach it and I love it.
😍 I loved reading about the company Top-10 and seeing various bands and singers pass by.
😍 The cover! It is so much fun! I also love the back of the cover with her in the midst of her sisters (aka the group).
😍 I loved her banter and chats with the cute boy from one of the K-pop boybands.  I am glad that it never got to romance as well. I am a bit tired of that. I mean, I love romance. But sometimes I just want to see a boy/girl friendship develop. I am glad that these two were able to chat about things, that they could be open about things.
😍 And then there is So-Ri, the girl who mentors/is the guide for Alice. I love how they grew to be friends and how Alice had someone who she could talk to and laugh with. I just loved So-Ri, she had such a fun personality and I laughed a bit when her idol and normal personality were so different. XD When we first met her I was like, OH NO, please Lord let this girl be sweet and fun.
😍 I loved that the parents gave Alice a chance. And that they supported her. I would have liked to see more conversations between Alice and her parents while she was at Top-10. For most it was with Olivia.
😍 That concert at the end. I was so worried for a moment, but then BOOM! It was perfection and I loved how the author wrote it, I just had that feeling like I was there. Rooting for these girls. Gasping. Cheering.

😶 Unsure how I felt about those parts in between. I mean, I did love that they gave an extra bit to the story, but I hated how toxic they were and how the girl who wrote them was so high and mighty about things. Not realising how much hurt she was doing.

🙄 I wasn’t a fan of Alice sister. One she was way over the top and at times just annoyed me with how she acted when K-pop was mentioned. But two was definitely one that had me shaking my head. I get it, you have been together with your sister for a long time, this will be the first time that you will be apart for a long time. But really? REALLY? Whining and crying and acting huffy when she doesn’t have much time for you? You know yourself how gruelling things are for K-pop stars. Your sister clearly tells you she has been up since 5 and hasn’t had a moment of rest. I could continue. But yet, little sister is whiny and demands more attention. Like boo, seriously? Your sister tries.
🙄 Not sure about that older sister girl from the group. I understand that she was trying to help Alice, but um, boo, maybe not like this? Not putting someone down or pointing out their flaws each time? Sure, Alice could also have done a bit more on the bonding part, we see that she often avoids her group which isn’t good because then you don’t learn about each other and get to know each other, but I can also somehow understand Alice. She doesn’t really understand the language just yet and with how people are treating her…

All in all though, this was like so much fun to read and I just couldn’t stop reading! I hope that this writer keeps writing more fun books like this! I am a fan!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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