Review for Kitty and the Sky Garden Adventure

Review for Kitty and the Sky Garden Adventure

Kitty and the Sky Garden Adventure (Kitty #3) by Paula Harrison (Goodreads Author), Jenny Løvlie, Children's Book, Kitty, Superheroes, Garden, Nature, Fun, CatsThe one book I that I was missing and I found it! This time new adventures, plants, a garden, and more~

As I said in the review for the Kitty and The Twilight Trouble book (posted yesterday), it is always a surprise in which language I can read the book! This time I read the book in Dutch as they didn’t have the book in English! No matter, the translation is pretty well done so I don’t mind. I am just very happy I can read more of Kitty’s adventures!

In this book Kitty is growing a sunflower and thinking of a superb plan for the school’s garden (which gave me nostalgia moments as I remembered back in elementary we also worked in the school’s garden for a while, which was tons of fun, or at least I remember it is as fun, but it’s been years, who knows XD). Thankfully, Pixie has a great idea to help Kitty with thinking of a fun plan and she takes her to a special places. A sky garden! I just loved the descriptions of the garden and thanks to that and the illustrations I could just envision myself there. Enjoying the gorgeousness of the garden and the view beyond that.

I am terribly sad that Pixie once again didn’t think and just blabbed her mouth. I mean really, I get that you want to tell cats about this wonderful place, but maybe should have asked Kitty or Graver. I am still saddened by the other book I read earlier (Twilight Trouble) in which she was also a handful. It seems that Pixie just cannot understand things.

I just loved meeting Graver (not sure about the English name so I will use the Dutch one. It is so fun to see more cats of this city and I loved how enthusiastic he was about the garden and his sweet owner. He looked so much fun with a big patch over his eyes and his stripy tail in 4 colours!

I wasn’t a fan of the group of cats, however it seemed that mostly they were manipulated by one cat, called in Dutch, Hertog. I wasn’t a fan of him. And I wasn’t a fan of the ending which, as we say in Dutch, was just way too zoetsappig for me. It just felt fake and really like, OH YES, this is a children’s book we have to end it with love and friendliness. It just fit didn’t with the cat’s personality and I would have rather seen him act like he did all the time. That would have fitted just a bit more.

I still think it is funny that the book is all in black/orange but then you get descriptions such as this: “big blue eyes” or “a fluffy white cat with green eyes”.

But all in all, I really enjoyed this book and I would have loved to really visit this gorgeous garden. And if I find some pots that I can recycle… well I may just take that idea as well! Don’t forget to drill holes in the bottom though so the water can get out and doesn’t drown the roots.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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