Review for Little Platypus

Review for Little Platypus

Little Platypus: A Day in the Life of a Platypus Puggle  Anna Brett ,  Rebeca Pintos, Picture Book, Non-Fiction, Cute, Platypus, Animals, Children's BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Look at that cover! Look at it! How could anyone resist that? How could one not read this adorable book? I just had to request it and yes, I was accepted!

In this adorable book we follow a family of 3 platypuses, a mom and her two twin boys. One of the boys tells us all about platypuses and what they do throughout the day. How their mom is helping them and how they are growing up and learning all about being a platypus. From playing in the mud and eating worms to how their nest and bed are made to many other fun facts about platypus. I didn’t know that the boys had an extra claw called a spur that can release poisonous venom. I loved how platypus showed their affection by playing a sort of tag. It was just so much fun and I learned some new things which I just adore. I really love the idea of following a baby platypus. Because you are learning alongside with them!

And the art, OMG the art! It was just the cutest! And so much fun. Very colourful as well and I love all the little details that you could find throughout the pages (like seeing various creatures from tiny to big in the pictures).

I always love it when books add bonusmaterials to the book. In this case activities, a quiz, some bonus non-fiction parts about preservation/etc.

I have to say that I thought that our platypus was a girl. Why? Because he had the typical eyelashes that a ton of illustrators use to indicate someone is a girl. From books to animation. And then it turned out our little platypus was a boy. XD

I had tons of fun reading this one and I would recommend it! It is a playful but educational book with a fun story and then some bonus materials.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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