Review for Mina

Review for Mina

Mina by Matthew Forsythe, Mice, Cute, Cats, Silly, Picture Book, Rainbow, Flowers, Books, Bookworm, Children's Book, Single ParentingAn adorable book about a tiny little mouse and the things that her father brings back from the human world (not all good).

I read this one in Dutch and will also write a review in Dutch, but I also had to write one in English to share with my dear blog readers here! Because this book was gorgeous and also made me laugh so much.

😍I loved that Mina was such a bookworm. She reads and reads and reads. I just love it when books feature characters, especially MCs, that Love reading.
😍I loved seeing how hard Mina’s dad worked. Not just to make the house prettier or to have food on the table, but also to make sure his daughter has new books or new fun things to enjoy.
😍However, I had a bigger laugh at seeing what he at times brought home that didn’t work. Like this current one. I won’t spoil it, but DAD, please, you are a mouse. You shouldn’t bring THAT to your house. Yes, it behaves… but for how long?
😍I so loved his collection of stamps and now wish I was a small mouse so I could have these pretty things on my walls and it would be the size of a painting. Really, can you imagine putting stamps on a normal home? Haha, right, that just doesn’t work.
😍Things really got exciting and I was very nervous. I was hoping that the book wouldn’t go that way, but also kind of was hoping. Because it did seems that dad wasn’t listening. And maybe a small lesson was in order. Because despite how fun something looks, some things shouldn’t be taken home.
😍The illustrations were absolutely gorgeous and I love love the use of colours. And there are so many fun details. Even if you read the text, absorbed that, you can find all sorts of fun things.
😍The ending. Oh my, that was a tad hairy and scary and I was so worried. But it was also lovely and it made me smile.
😍I especially had a laugh at how calm dad was despite the circumstances.

😶I just wished that dad had listened to his daughter once. I mean, while it was funny to see him be so calm about it, I just wished that he would have taken his daughter more serious.

But all in all, this is one picture book that I really enjoyed. I wouldn’t mind having some of these pages as prints so I can hang them on the walls of my home. The colours are just perfect. And that page with Mina reading? Would be perfect for my library. I would recommend this book to all looking for a fun and cute book featuring a bookworm.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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