Review for My Maid, Miss Kishi Vol. 1

Review for My Maid, Miss Kishi Vol. 1

My Maid, Miss Kishi Vol. 1 by Kano Kashiwagi, Maids, Humour, Accident Prone, Dual POV, Silly, cuteI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just cannot resist a manga about maids. Add to that some romance. Some randomness/humour. Sold!

In this book we meet the wealthiest, sexiest, most eligible bachelor named Kiichiro Hayase. He can get any girl he wants.. but all he wants is to make his maid Kishi smile. Yep. That is right. Most of this manga is about him trying to make her smile. To make her happy. He tries so hard and at times I was just laughing at his efforts and how he totally couldn’t understand that Kishi… likes him back. Yep. It was clear from the start that she has a soft spot for her employer. But she just doesn’t show that. As you can see on the cover she looks like she is just not impressed. Maybe even a tad frustrated. But actually? She is quite happy with him. And it is just cute. But back to his efforts. They were just over the top for most. Like what you get with many of these stories about rich guys. Buying all the stores? Maybe sweet, but a bit too much. But I did like that he at least tried to figure things out. And I loved that, at one point, he just went to see what she does daily (and if she takes enough rest). What follows is a hilarious chaotic few hours of him trying to check out what Kishi is doing… then hiding… then failing at that, but thinking he did a good job. While we, the reader, and well Kishi as well, see clearly that that is not how you hide. XD

But LORD he is a klutz. For real. I wonder how this guy even survives the day. I mean, he breaks a window by just pointing at it (and this is window in a very high building). When in thought he breaks all the vases in the houses and doesn’t understand why his accountant is crying. He breaks his neck daily over little things. At times things just topple if he looks at it causing some silly situations. It made me laugh though because each time I thought it couldn’t get worse it got even worse. I felt for maids in the house, especially Kishi as she is the one who is closest to him and the one to fix things. She doesn’t seem to mind much, she must be an angel (or really love him much). Seriously, if my employer was so clumsy and caused me even more work? I am not sure I would stay there long. I am sorry.

Kishi was a wonderful character. I really love how stoic she is, but at the same time is showing some fun emotions. Plus, I love seeing her move. She is very agile. Like a ninja. You will get it if you read it. And I love how dedicated she is to her job. How she tries to do everything perfect, and she is also helping everyone around the house. OK, she should take a few more breaks, because she just keeps going. I am curious as to what she does when she is done with the job for the day.

I really liked the art of this manga. It really captured the personalities of both characters.

So this manga was just hilarious, over the top, silly and I just want to know… will they get together? Will she smile when he is around or just keep that to when she thinks of him and isn’t near him. XD I want more! I need more! I cannot wait to see what is next for this couple.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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