Review for Out to Sea

Review for Out to Sea

Out to Sea by Helen Kellock, Loss, Mourning, Emotions, Anxiety, Gorgeous, Picture Book, Cover Love, Girl, Boat, Animals, Sea, Loss, GrandparentsA gorgeous book about loss, mourning, letting go, and finding the way back.

When I picked up this book I hadn’t expected to feel this much. I thought it would be a gorgeous picture book, but hadn’t expected that I would be so impacted by it. I am going to be trying to write a review, but sorry in advance if it is a bit chaotic.

In this gorgeous book we meet a little girl named Lara, she lost her grandmother very recently and we see how she is affected by it. She just cannot do anything. Yes, crying. Sleeping. Lying on bed. She is riddled with anxiety. During one such night her tears flood the room and take her out on a journey. Across the sea. Into the ocean. Lost. And yes, this hit me. This is how I feel. Have felt for months. In December 2021 I lost my sweet grandpa and May 2022 my grandma left us. I am struggling to be fine (just keep on going, keep on going). For now I am still stuck at that bottom of the ocean. Well, OK, sometimes I manage to get out for a breath of air (thanks to my hamsters, baking, my husband). But I am definitely not like Lara. Able to row away. Able to take that gorgeous thing home and feel better. So yeah, I was practically crying while reading this one. I was just so chocked up. Because Lara’s feels were all my feels. I hope though that one day I can be like Lara and row away. Feel better again. I feel that this book may have set something in motion for me though.

I love it that Lara was able to conquer things. That she was able to find something. That even back at home she would now be better.

The art in this one is absolutely gorgeous. Really. Really. Gorgeous. I loved the details. The way the illustrator drew all the emotions. The light when she found something beautiful and brining her joy. And then the ending.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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