Review for Patience & Esther

Review for Patience & Esther

Patience & Esther: An Edwardian Romance, SW Searle, Blue, Bed, Fireplace, Girls, LGBT, Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction, CuteThis was just adorable, sweet, romantic, beautiful!

I have had my eyes on this book for ages, but Amazon either didn’t have it in stock or asked WAY too much for it. Imagine my delight when the publisher itself had a shop + a sale at the time I found out! I could finally get the book! And now end of September I had time to read it! Whoo!

😍 I loved both characters. Patience (her name is so sweet), a country girl with a gorgeous accent and a hard-working attitude. I just adored her from the start. I loved how she grew in confidence as the story continued and loved seeing her get better and better with things in the household and how to handle situations. I loved hearing about her family, about her many siblings, about her parents, about her house. See her make small presents for her siblings.
And then there is Esther, who actually also has a different name. Because we find out a ton about Esther. About her family. Her heritage. I had to get used to Esther a bit, but after a few pages I just loved her as much as I did Patience. I loved that Esther was serious and bookish. I loved that she loved reading poems. That she kept searching for new material to read. How she at times just took some time off by hiding in the garden or in her room.
😍 I loved how these two girls got closer and closer. From just glancing and shyly looking away, blushing furiously or hiding behind a blanket. To staring back. To making that first move. To more kissing. They really had a connection and I was 100% there for it. These girls. I was rooting and cheering for them.
😍 I loved how they managed to stick together. Even when their job changed, they managed to go together.
😍 The steaminess! I had expected steamy stuff, but OH BOY, nothing prepared me for this. Haha. Don’t get me wrong, I had zero problems with it, it was just unexpected how steamy it got. OK, I guess I am glad that I am reading this now, because me of 5-9 years ago would have probably gone beetred and just closed the book very quickly.
I loved that the steaminess wasn’t just between our couple, but we also saw some steamy scenes with other peeps.
😍 Loved that we also got to see a changing age. We see the girls head to London with their new mistress. Go to suffragist meetings. Meet other people. And then they get the opportunity to seize the moment and I just adored seeing them try to find their way. Find out what was going on and how things worked. Both found wonderful places, and I loved that Patience got a big opportunity thanks to the woman managing the hat shop.
😍 That ending! It had me in absolute tears. That was just the sweetest and beautiful way they could have ended this story. I was so happy!
😍 The art was just WOW. I really loved the style. Soft and sweet.
😍 We also get a bonus story about Milly and OH MY GOSH.🥵
😍 Those character designs + more at the end! Perfection~

😍/🤔 I am a bit conflicted by the last story that takes place in the now. I mean, I love love seeing our duo do their things in the present time and still mostly match with what they used to do in the past. I loved seeing them be in love. I loved seeing them in modern clothes with modern haircuts. I loved the setting. But I didn’t love the constant tension. The constant meh vibes that hung over them. I think I would have just liked it better if everything was fun and nice.

Star rating, 5 stars

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