Review for The Awakening Storm

Review for The Awakening Storm

The Awakening Storm (City of Dragons #1) by Jaimal Yogis (Goodreads Author), Vivian Truong, Dragons, Adventure, Children's Book, MG, Girl, Dragon, China, Hong Kong, Asia, Mythology, Graphic NovelDragons! Magic! Family! Friendship! And more! This was so much fun and I am delighted that I found this book!

So during my vacation I was at a bookstore when I came across this book! Graphic novels, especially in English (and at a decent price even) are very rare. So of course I picked this one up. It had Dragons, a ton of mythology, adventure, and more! Sign me up!

In this book we meet a girl named Grace. She had a fun life so far.. until her dad dies. Until she has to move to Hong Kong where her new stepdad lives (no worries there is a bit of time between death and mom getting a new man, I was also confused when I read that in the blurb). She can barely speak Mandarin/Chinese. She is in a foreign country. At first she wings it, but then during a trip she gets gifted an egg. She doesn’t know what it is, but she finds out very quickly. Haha, I had a laugh at those scenes because HECK yes, I would have reacted the same way. Like, WELL, NOPE. But quickly she becomes friends with the little dragon. And I loved it! Grace was such a fun and interesting character, you just want to root for her. Give a hug at times because things aren’t easy and with the addition of a dragon things only get harder.

Because yeah, there are some people who want that dragon. Some very bad baddies. I have to say I was both shocked and saddened by the fact that it was THAT person behind things. I won’t spoil anything, but while I did have some suspicions on that person.. I still was in disbelief. The book gets quite exciting with chases, a boat trip gone very scary, big dragons, flying, and more! There is definitely not one boring moment while reading.

I loved reading about the dragons, get some more mythology, and see Grace’s dragon grow and learn more about him. Did you know that a dragon is very expensive to keep? XD

And as the story continues, and especially later, we get some shocking revelations!

I wasn’t sure about Grace’s new friends at first, but I really started to like them as the story continued and I am definitely hoping that all these kids get a dragon so they can form a team. Because hey, according to the legend there are more dragons and I definitely need them in my life! I need more adventure.

The art was really fun in this graphic novel. I love the style and definitely want to see what else Vivian Truong has done!

All in all, I would recommend this one to all! It was just so much fun and I need the next book soon!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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