Review for The BIG Christmas Bake

Review for The BIG Christmas Bake

The BIG Christmas Bake by Fiona Barker, Pippa Curnick, Christmas, Picture Book, Animals, Baking, Magic, Twelve Days of Christmas, Dog, Fun, Picture Book, Kids, Tree, HensI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD to request this book, look at how cute it is. Yes, it is a bit early for me to read Christmas books, I am currently all in for spooky stuff, but I just couldn’t resist this adorable book!

In this fun book we follow two kids (and their dog) as they celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas. Christmas is gone, but there is still enough Christmas to celebrate and what better way than by making a cake! And not just a cake, but A BIG cake. I absolutely loved seeing what the kids were doing each day of those twelve days all the while making the cake. Because they need ingredients. And that is how the song Twelve Days comes into play. We see various creatures from the song help out with the baking and I had so much fun seeing it happen and I was eager to see what each day and what each animal would bring (and also how each animal looked because that was definitely a thing, from maids to cows with bow ties). Though also maybe wondering a bit on how that cake stayed good for 12 whole days. XD

I couldn’t wait for the last day! I just wanted to see that cake! I would have loved a bite, but that is out of the order with the eleventh day and the marzipan and such. Bah! But there is a recipe including in the back for Christmas Cupcakes, and I will definitely be trying that one out! It looks delicious. BTW? Can I have some mice to help me out? I would love that. I would ask my hamsters, but mostly they like eating, cuddles, or sleeping.

I loved the ending and it was so fun that everyone was once again included! That is one big table! And a gorgeous tree and decorations! I want to be part~ I was a bit worried at one bit in the picture but the next page made it all perfect and I was just cheering. Just like all the other animals were doing.
That last page in the book, LOVE IT! Until next year!

I loved the incorporation of the Twelve Days of Christmas song, though I had to look the song up to see if it all matched because while I have heard about it in books/movies I don’t remember it. We don’t have this song or the Twelve day thing in my country, maybe there is something in Dutch, but I don’t know. Never celebrated it. It sounds like a fun tradition though and I would love something similar here. Haha, in the end I guess I didn’t have to look up the song as it is added to the book in the end. Then again with how ADE is working.. I guess googling worked better. XD

The illustrations were absolutely a treat. The style was just so much fun. Colourful, playful, sparkly. I love it!

All in all, this is one book I would HIGHLY recommend to everyone. This is the perfect Christmas (or after) book. Read it!

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