Review for True Beauty, Vol.1

Review for True Beauty, Vol.1

True Beauty, Vol. 1 (True Beauty #1) by Yaongyi, Graphic Novel, Webtoon, Manwha, Young Adult, Drama, Make-Up, Beauty, Family, FriendshipI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just LOVE it when webcomics get bundled into one book. That way I get to find some new comics to love. I just cannot keep track of it all (and Webtoon doesn’t always make it easy). This one seemed so much fun and I was eager to read it.

This one definitely sounded fun, about a girl who feels ugly and wants to look pretty. I could definitely understand her feelings. And I understood why she was trying so hard to be pretty. Sadly, that is how society goes. If you are ugly or average good luck. But if you are pretty doors open to you, everyone wants to be friends, and more. We can clearly see the differences in this one. When she puts on make-up and goes to school, meets up with friends, and other things everyone loves her and everyone treats her wonderfully. But as soon as it is evening and she just wears the most casual clothes you can imagine and no make-up, people treat her so differently. They talk crap about her and are rude. So yeah, I could understand. I loved that she was able to make friends online who helped her out with ideas on make-up and styling. Not often peeps on the internet are helpful so I was delighted to see them give her tips.

But what happens when you meet a cute boy, who is pretty rude at times, but still very cute and has the same interests as you do. But what if he doesn’t recognise your make-up you and the you you. We see Jugyeong try to figure things out on why he is so different towards her in her two forms and what she should do about it. I wasn’t a fan of the boy when he was in school, but I loved seeing him open up in that store. How they recommended things, how he shared his likes.
And what if he finds out? I could imagine her reaction. Haha, hot dang, I would have done the same as her when I had a crush and he figured things out. XD

When he first met her at school after that? I wanted to kick him in the nuts. Rude dude. Rude. But thankfully it seemed that things went different after that and I found myself shipping these two.

But the story takes another turn when a girl pops up. And boy, I wasn’t a fan of her. And as the story went on, she is such a snake. I just felt for Jugyeong and worried about her. Her friend clearly saw that something was up, but Jugyeong was so oblivious. 🙁

The ending. Oh no. OH no. I need to know more. Please give me the next volume. Please! Or maybe I should just go on Webtoons. I need to know. And I want to punch some people. ARGH.

I did like the art.. for most. But some of Jugyeong’s reactions? They were just so weird and out of place and I just wasn’t a fan. I mean, yay for reactions but um. NO.

All in all, I loved this book about beauty (inside and out), about friendship, about make-up, and much more. I really had fun reading it and I am glad that I found it on Netgalley. I would recommend this one.

Star rating, 4 stars

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