Waiting on Wednesday ~ Monstersona by Chloe Spencer

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Monstersona by Chloe Spencer

Good evening!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! Happy Wednesday! Today’s book is one I found on Twitter and I cannot wait for it to release next year February!

For one I fell in love with the cover as it looked so cool. A cute puppers, two girls, and a monster? Oh yes! And I love the blurb as well, with a monster attacking the town, Aspen and Riley getting closer… but is Aspen who she is (given the blurb and the first sentence I have an idea, but who knows, maybe it is just a red herring)? I am very curious about the labs and what is happening there, or what has happened. What were the lab people doing and why are they so dedicated! Plus, hello cross-country trip? Love that!

Monstersona  Chloe Spencer, Monsters, Romance, LGBT, Road Trip, Monster, Girls, Dog, Gas stationThere’s a little monster in all of us.

After her parents’ divorce, 16 year old Riley Grishin is forced to move from Portland, Oregon all the way to Little Brook, Maine, a small town that serves as the headquarters for Titan Technologies, an international tech laboratory. Having left her friends and father behind, Riley spends most of her days running through the woods with her dog Tigger, and eavesdropping on her classmates-in particular, the gorgeous, but very strange, Aspen Montehugh.

On the night of the homecoming game, Riley wakes up to find her town on fire, terrorized by an unseen monster. With flames spreading rapidly, Riley and Tigger have no choice but to pile into her beat-up pickup truck and flee. Speeding out of town, they come across the only other survivor: Aspen.

When Riley and Aspen finally reach safety, they realize something far more sinister is afoot. According to the news, all other Titan Tech laboratories on the East Coast have been attacked. And even worse, they’re being followed by an SUV with blacked out windows. With all air travel grounded, Riley has no way to fly back to her dad, so she and Aspen embark on a cross country road trip, all the while pursued by men with guns, mad scientists, and the monstrous truth. Slowly, Riley realizes something’s not quite right with Aspen, which puts her feelings for her-and her own humanity-to the ultimate test.

Thelma and Louise meet Godzilla in this queer sci-fi adventure, that will appeal to fans of Erik. J Brown’s All That’s Left In The World and Charlotte Nicole Davies’ The Good Luck Girls.

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