What I Hope To Read December 2022

What I Hope To Read December 2022

Afternoon all!

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A cold but happy welcome to a new What I Hope To Read post with all the new releases I am hoping to read/check out in December 2022!

The month really flew by. From Spooktober to now it feels like I miss a whole month. And I should really get on with buying presents, because of how my head is and how it feels time is just slipping away I haven’t had the chance to get anything! So I got to do that one soon. Thankfully, I got only my hubby to give presents to, and maybe get some yummy snacks for the hammies. November was a pretty good month though. Health-wise a bit better though still tired. There were some autumn walks (and some cold evening walks). I did a fun DIY workshop from a local garden centre and got a pretty (and wild) olive wreath hanging in the house. We are still looking for a dog (we did find dogs… but they are all over at the other side of the country). I visited libraries and read plenty of fun books. And I am slowly getting into the Christmas spirits by hanging some Christmas decorations around. Fun fun!

So what did I read from last month’s What I hope To read? Not much, haha, the prices are just SO expensive on Amazon.

Quite excited about the upcoming month, though I also think it is weird how little is coming out at times. Especially for YA and Children. I checked both Hebban (for Dutch) and Goodreads (for English) and it is funny how little is coming out. But I have some books I would love love to read. Some non-fiction, some romance, some YA.

Let me know in the comments what you are looking forward to! And let’s get to my books! dances

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