10 Fun Books With Santa on the Cover

10 Fun Books With Santa on the Cover

Afternoon all!!

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Welcome all to a very Christmassy post! Today I am sharing 10 covers with Santa on it! From adult to children’s books~ Have you been naughty or nice?

I thought it would be fun to this post, I loved doing one in October full of picture books with pumpkins on the cover, so why not do Santa during the holiday season of Christmas? And while I would love to do only a picture book one, I thought it was even more fun to just go for all age groups! I had fun going through my shelves and picking books from all over the board. From sexy santas to normal santas. 50% of the books here are read, but I also added some new books that I would like to try out this holiday season (if I have time as I got so many books already vying for my attention XD). I hope you all enjoy my choices, and let me know in the comments which books you would have added~

Little Santa's Workshop  Lala Watkins, Picture Book, Cute, Christmas
Welcome to Kissing Springs #8 Snappy Santa  Grace Grahme, Romance, Adult, Man, Santa,
Santa Post Emma Yarlett, Humour, Christmas, Funny, Picture Book, Children's Book, Santa, Letters, Presents
Santa Claus vs The Easter Bunny by Fred Blunt, Children's BOok, Humour, Holidays, Easter, Christmas, Santa, Easter Bunny, Picture Book, Silly, Plans
Christmas #3 Father Christmas and Me  Matt Haig ,  Chris Mould
Krampus in Kaua'i, Ava Knight, Santa Outfit, Romance, LGBT, Hawaii, Novella, Friendship, Beach, LGBT
Death #4 Hogfather  Terry Pratchett
Scooby-Doo and the Santa Claus Mystery  Fern G. Brown ,  Jim Franzen, Christmas, Children's Book, Mystery, Scooby Doo
Christmas Eve with Mrs. Claus M.P. Hueston , Teri Weidner, Christmas, Bears, Snow, Holidays, Picture book, Cute
The Christmasaurus #3 The Christmasaurus and the Naughty List  Tom Fletcher

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