25 Days of Stickii – 2022 Advent Calendar POP – Day 1

25 Days of Stickii – 2022 Advent Calendar POP – Day 1

Good evening!

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A warm welcome to a new evening post for the coming 25 days! I bought the StickiiClub Advent Calendar and I am sharing each envelope and showing what is inside!

I was delightfully excited when my hubby got a mail from Stickiiclub letting us know about their advent calendars. Each Stickiiclub sticker subscription had one. POP, CUTE, VINTAGE. I don’t have anything with vintage, so it was deciding between POP or CUTE. It was a tad too expensive to go for both, but I could pick one. After a short think I went with POP as it was just the most gorgeous one. The CUTE looked fun, but the POP actually looked like a small book that you could put on your shelves. Plus, I loved the designs of the envelopes. I was sold. I needed that one!

And thankfully, despite all the issues with the postal services here (my November Stickii, which should have come in last week still isn’t here) arrived safely to my home. And then began the wait, haha, you don’t know how much I just wanted to open that thing up! But no, I had to wait 5 more days. insert impatient face

I won’t be posting this intro with each post, but I will link to this post each time. πŸ™‚

Ready? Let’s get check out what is in envelope day 1!


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