25 Days of Stickii – 2022 Advent Calendar POP – Day 4

25 Days of Stickii – 2022 Advent Calendar POP – Day 4

Evening everyone!

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Welcome to day 4 of the 2022 Advent Calendar POP!! Eep!

First up, thank you all for reading and commenting these posts! I am so happy that people are excited to see the stickers and envelopes each day! When I first bought the Advent Calendar I thought on how to share it as I knew I wanted to show it to the world. Twitter wasn’t handy as it didn’t easily allow for something to hide it. My blog then? But I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. A twitter poll just gave 3 yesses, so yeah. Haha, in short, I am very happy now! Thanks all!

If you want more information on what this is that I will be doing for the next days until Christmas read my Day 1 post!

List of Days (1), (2), (3)

Ready? Let’s get check out what is in envelope day 4! This is by FAR my favourite so far. It is absolutely stunning and I am sure I will just treasure this one, haha.


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