Book Haul December 2022

Book Haul December 2022

Good afternoon!!

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Welcome to a new shiny Book Haul Post!!! December is almost over and I got some great books! Whoo~

December was a pretty on/off month. I mean, it had good days and bad. Last year in December my grandpa + my hammie died + my mom has her birthday in December (and you all know how my relationship with her is), so yeah, it wasn’t always easy to go through the month and Christmas was also not that easy, but in the end I made it. And I still had fun this month. Decorating the house. Baking yummy foods. Feeding the cute birds outside. Wrapping presents. Giving presents and getting presents. And tomorrow is the final day of the year and we will make something fun of it as well!
Reading-wise it went well. I had tons of fun reading in December. Had some days that I just needed to escape it all. And then on 22-12 my vacation started and I still got 3-4 days left!

I got quite a few nice books this month, both Dutch and English. I still have plenty to read, haha, I know I said I read a quite a bit, but most of that was my library books along with NG/review copies with here and there one of my own books. But I don’t mind being a bit behind on it. I got something to look forward to and that makes me happy.

Also be sure to check out my Christmas Book Haul~ These books I am saving for the new year, I want these to be the first-ish books I read in 2023.

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A Recipe for Trouble by Sarah Todd Taylor
Krampus Baby by Elias Barks, Zoe Persico
Exit by Mel Wallis de Vries
Krypto #3 by Hans Jorgen Sandnes
D&D #2 by Madeleine Roux, Tim Probert
The Bigwoof Conspiracy by Dashe Roberts
De Gorgels en de laatste kans by Jochem Myer
The Time Thief by Gareth P. Jones, Louise Forshaw
A Discovery Disappears by Pip Murphy
The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions by Isabel Thomas, Aaron Cushley

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