Book Review Tour ~ Siggy Saves Christmas by Brian Frederick

Book Review Tour ~ Siggy Saves Christmas by Brian Frederick


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A Christmassy welcome to the Blog Tour for Siggy Saves Christmas by Brian Frederick! I am so excited and hyped that I can be part of this tour + review the newest book! Eep!

For today I am reviewing the book (4.5 stars) and then I also got some book/author information!

Ready? Let’s get started~


I received this book from Hygge Book Tours in exchange of an honest review.

So so excited about this next book in the Siggy adventures and even more fun is that it is almost Christmas so a perfect read for this season. Outside it is frosty and cold. Well, inside as well. So I am excited to read a heartwarming book!

Once again, just like the previous book, bonus points go to the fact that there is a fun map! This time fully in Christmas/winter mode. With snow everywhere, a cute Christmas market (can I please step in the book and walk around?), and more!

In this adorable book it is all Christmas! We read how Siggy’s owner/human Phyllis and her parents are making the most of the holiday, loving it dearly, baking all the yummy foods, decorating the whole house, having presents, of course also tons of sausages, and more! It was just so warm and fluffy. Given everything last year Christmas is a bit darker for me, so I just love seeing all the warmth and happiness come out of this book and warm me up a bit. Make me a bit more excited about Christmas.

When Siggy goes outside he meets a robin, aptly named Rupert. Rupert is not doing so good and of course Siggy does what Siggy does best and goes to find help for the little bird! I just loved that Siggy immediately went to this person instead of Phyllis. This person can fix our little bird! He knew Phyllis would also love to help, but for now he needs something extra special! And this person also can use their magic to help find Rupert’s family! Yes, our poor little robin didn’t just hurt his wing, he also lost his family! Oh no! And that so near to Christmas! I absolutely loved what happens next with a fun and magical rhyme and then some sweet warmth and yummy milk (I did some Google research as I have been feeding birds outside and was wondering if milk would be an option, I am always looking for more yummy things for them to have, apparently NO, it makes them sick *is sad*). But I did love that Siggy and Phyllis were both so happy to help out, to give the bird some peace of mind and make sure he was safe and warm.

Next up is Christmas time! Presents! Love! Warmth! Sausages! And a special visit! Which just made me even fluffier. Haha, yes, this book is giving me all the feels and warmth. Perfect!

The illustrations are really fun, I love how Siggy is just so so tall!

All in all, this book warmed me up, gave me all the feels, and made me feel fluffy and more happy about Christmas/this month. Thank you Siggy! Thank you writer! Thanks for yet another wonderful and magical Siggy story! I would recommend it and I cannot wait for the next book!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

Siggy Saves Christmas, Dogs, Picture Book, Christmas Children's Book, Siggy, CuteSiggy is enchanted by his walk in a shimmering, sparkling winter wonderland. It’s almost Christmas and he feels he couldn’t be happier!

But then something goes wrong.
VERY wrong!

Siggy is tasked with saving Christmas. But can he do it?

Find out in a fast paced, magical tale – all about the true meaning of Christmas, helping others and being kind…

Buy this book here: Amazon

About the author:

I was born in County Down, Northern Ireland, in December, 1969.

I was a “60s child” for 26.5 hours. I think that’s important!

I grew up during “the Troubles” and went to a school where CS Lewis was once a pupil and Samuel Beckett briefly taught. (Beckett once replied that students there were indeed the “cream of Ulster” being “rich and thick”… I’m not the former, sadly, but you can be judge about the latter.)

Anyway, I left that place and went to university and got LLB and LLM degrees and a bit of a career as a lawyer which didn’t agree me with me. I didn’t agree with it, either!
I’ve never been terribly good at respecting authority, and I suppose it showed. Some ups, some downs, and…
Eventually I pitched up here, where you see me now. I much prefer writing stories than writing writs, it turns out.

I don’t know if stories for children can change the world, but I hope they can make it a little better – certainly for my readers.
I hope I can bring a little more joy into the world, and a little more truth and kindness.
I do care that these and other important things are often in short supply when they needn’t be. Maybe we can change that together…

I work as a Mediator – so as a kind of anti-lawyer bringing peace to litigation instead of more fighting, usually in commercial disputes, when I’m not dreaming and writing children’s stories!

Find him here:    
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