Christmas Book Haul (Thanks Santa) 2022

Christmas Book Haul (Thanks Santa) 2022

Hey all!!

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A ho ho ho welcome to my Christmas Book Haul!! Thank you Santa!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (either with 2 days like me or the one day)! My Christmas was delightfully relaxing with yummy food, games, LEGO, Hot Wheels, watching shows and movies, beer, and more fun! My hubby and I had tons of fun. On the first day, after dinner and a nap, we unwrapped presents and BOY, I loved my presents, my hubby spoiled me. I got books (4 of them including one of my most hyped books of this year), Hot Wheels cars (I love those), LEGO, and book-related items (which I will show as well today). And I spoiled him with some fantastic presents, including 4 books (which I will share with you here), a new t-shirt (D&D/dice), and much more. He really loved it and on the second day he made the Robotime Marble Coaster I got him (with some frustration as Robotime always entails).

Christmas flew by, but it was a great time!

Are you ready? Here are my books + book-related items I got from Santa + the 4 books I got my hubby~

Coming Back by Jessi Zabarsky
The World’s Worst Assistant by Sona Movsesian
Wicked Things by John Allison, Max Sarin
Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat, Bang! Kill. Tour by Tee Franklin, Max Sarin

4 thoughts on “Christmas Book Haul (Thanks Santa) 2022

    1. Yes! I apparently was nice this year~ 😊 Thank you! And yes, I fell in love when them when I was browsing Etsy once and just had to throw them to Santa in the hopes he would get them!

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