Christmas Bookshelf Challenge

Christmas Bookshelf Challenge

Afternoon all!!

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A ho-ho-ho welcome to a new fun book tag! Today I am participating in the Christmas Bookshelf Challenge!

In this one the blogger has to go through their shelves and find books that match with the questions! I had a lot of fun going to my little attic library and browse my shelves and finding all the books that were perfect for the prompts given. It wasn’t always easy to find things, especially since I wanted to be varied (so not just picture books or children’s books).

I found this tag over at Sifa Elizabeth Reads blog, be sure to check out their blog and answers~ And here is the link to the OG of this tag.

A book with β€œChristmas” in the title
The Secret Life of Squirrels Merry Christmas, Squirrels! Nancy Rose
This superadorable book! I was delighted that I had a Christmas titled book. Haha, maybe I have more, but this one was the one on the front-row and I have to say nothing can top this one, it is just too cute! I should really see if this author had any more books, been a while since I read this one, so who knows?

A book with a scene set at Christmas
10 Blind Dates, Ashley Elston, Golden Balloons, Girl, Green Sweater, Glitter, Young Adult, Christmas, Romance, Young Adult
This adorable book! About dates! Holidays! Family! And I absolutely loved every bit of it.

A book that has a red and/or green cover
Serena Patel, Robin Stevens, Murder, Mystery, Anthology, Red, Silhouettes, Swow, Christmas, Holidays, The Very Merry Murder Club
I went for a red cover. Easiest to find. XD And this book was just way too fun + also really fits with the Christmas season. Only instead of ho ho ho it is oh no no no. XD

A book adapted into a film/tv series that’s always on at Christmas
I actually don’t really watch TV that much these days. I do have some shows but I mostly watch them on my PC, same for movies. So I actually have zero clue on what is on the telly for most of the time. And thus no clue what airs each Christmas (other than Home Alone which isn’t a book to movie I believe??).

A book that sends characters on a magical quest
The League of Princes #2 The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle Christopher Healy, Prince, Fantasy, Red, Quest, Funny, Hilarious, Children's Books
This children’s book sends a group of princes of on a quest and it was HILARIOUS. It’s been ages since I last read it, but maybe I will be reading it (and the other book in the series) soon.

A book with a cover as white as snow

Not entirely white, but I wasn’t really in the mood to go through all my books to find one book that was better. I thought maybe I could check spines.. but often books would have shiny white spines.. and then a very colourful or busy cover. Oh well, this book deserves it to be here. It was an amazing book.

A book by an author whose name is associated with Christmas
Geek Girl All Wrapped Up Holly Smale
This one was the first that popped in my head. Holly!

A book that you were given as a Christmas gift
Reindeer Boy, Cassandra Jean, Graphic Novel, Blue, Antler, Cover Love, Holidays, Magic, Romance
I got this one from my hubby a few years ago. It was high on my wishlist, I just love Cassandra Jean’s art and a whole book with it? Sign me up. The story itself was also very good, and once again also perfect for the season.

A book that’s not necessarily about Christmas but you associate with it
A Not-So-Impossible Tale #1 Pugs of the Frozen North Philip Reeve , Sarah McIntyre
Nothing to do with Christmas, but I just associate it with the holiday because it is such a wintery and fun book. With cute pugs and a dash of adventure!

Spell β€œChristmas” in books


If you think this one looks fun, be sure to do it! You are hereby tagged! I hope everyone enjoyed this fun book tag and maybe got some inspirations for books to read~

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