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Give a Book Tag

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A fluffy welcome to a new Book Tag! I am part of the Give a Book Tag! I thought today, a week-ish before Christmas would be perfect to do this one as we don’t have Thanksgiving in my country. Otherwise it would have been way sooner. XD

I found this wonderful tag over at A Kernel of Nonsense, be sure to check out their answers here. The original creator is The Roomies’ Digest over at Youtube.

Let’s get started~

Give a Book…You Don’t Talk a Lot About
The Kingdom, Jess Rothenberg, Castle, Two Sides, Dark, Pink, Sky, Flags
This amazing stunning book about amusement park with darkness. About an android/robot finding love, going beyond her programming. And also figuring out what is happening with her sisters, why they disappear at times. And then there is also murder. An epic testimony + more that leads to the story we read. It was just absolutely perfect and one of my favourites of 2019. I should really re-read it. Haha. And talk more about it because it was just such a fantastic read.

Give a Book…You Can’t Stop Talking About
Fangirl, Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Fanfiction, Romance, Cute, Green
Haha, everyone knows that I will be going for Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. And absolutely gorgeous book and one I have re-read a number of times. Fab characters, wonderful fanfiction, mental health, and more.

Give a Book…People Are Going to Either Love or Hate
I will just say any book by Colleen Hoover. For some reason people are either HATING her or LOVING HER. I don’t get why, but then again I don’t really keep track of every little detail on authors and I don’t care about Tiktok. But it would be nice if the people who HATED Colleen would be a bit kinder to those who just like her books? I mean, I at times just feel like I should not tell anyone I love CH books. I have been reading her since 2012/2013 when she just started (thanks to my YA/NA group I was part of), had a little pause after a few disappointing reads in 2016, and now back in the CH books and hoping to read those that I haven’t read yet. I am a big fan and would recommend most of her books!

Give a Book…For Someone Who Needs to Get in Their Feels
Forget Me Not Alix Garin
This is a powerful book about mental health, Alzheimer, a road trip, connection, grandparents, memories, and tons of tears. It was an utterly wonderful graphic novel and I am sure it will hit all the feels.

Give a Book…With Immaculate Vibes
Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree , Fantasy, LGBT, Romance, Magic
This one, one of my favourite books of this year. Such cosy vibes. Much sweet and cute vibes. Coffee and cinnamon vibes.

Give a Book…For Someone Who Likes to Be Surprised
There’s A Ghost In This House Oliver Jeffers, Picture Book, Creative, Ghosts, Children's Books, Picture Book
Going for literal surprises! This book features two things, one a normal page and then a transparent page with a fun surprise (or even two). This is also one of my favourites of this year and it was an utter delight to read it. Especially that ending, be prepared to be surprised!

Give a Book…For Someone Who Needs a Little Love
Dekoboko Sugar Days, Yusen Atsuko, Sweets, Milk, Boys, Hugging, Cute, Manga, LGBT
This adorable, funny, sparkly, shiny, and wonderful LGBT book about two guys (one very tall and one very short) falling in love! It will fill you right up with laughs and love! So a good combo!

Give a Book…That’s an Old Favorite
First Love, James Patterson, Emily Raymond
This one! One of my first tagged 5+ reads on Goodreads, a book that I read 8 years ago and absolutely loved. Road Trip. Romance. Chances. Friends to lovers. And more. These days I may not check out James Patterson books, but back then when I didn’t know how much he had written (or ghost written or whatever you call it) and this one just sounded way too sweet. Way too perfect. And it was!

Give a book…You Think Everyone Should Read
A Dowry of Blood #1 A Dowry of Blood S.T. Gibson, Vampires, Romance, LGBT
Definitely this one! It is an amazing book with romance, vampires, travelling, finding yourself, and more. It is an absolutely STUNNING book and I really need to re-read it~


Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed this tag and feel free to do it if you like this one! Be sure to tag me as I would love to see everyone’s answers~

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