Holiday Tag: What I Love Most About The Holidays, 3 Favourites

Holiday Tag: What I Love Most About The Holidays, 3 Favourites


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Welcome to a very Christmassy tag, it is time for the Holiday Tag in which I will tell you 3 favourite things from the Holiday season!

I was looking around to see what kind of fun tags I could do that were either Holiday or Christmas-themed. It is after all the season! OK, this season it isn’t going to be that easy as last year my grandfather passed away and at the same time also one of my hammies. I can just feel something tugging at me, something dark, and I am really holding on to those Christmas lights to stay happy. So I thought this would be a fun tag to do to set my mind to other things. To happier things.

I found this tag over at Dating Bitch, be sure to check out what she loves during this season!

Let’s get started!

1. Lights!
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While not as big as in the US, houses here are getting more into lights, mostly just a string of light around the front of the house, maybe a few more strings. We also have 1 maybe two homes in the neighbourhood that go the full extend and really give me all the US lights vibes. And then there are stores and city/town centres going out with fun lights, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, and more. And I just love going outside for a walk at night and see all the lights. Get that Christmas spirit! Plus, I also love giving my home a make-over in lights. We got the Christmas tree, but also lights in some of our plants, I just got a new set of candles on batteries, there are strings of lights throughout the house. It really brightens the house and makes it cosy and comfy.

2. Food!
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While I am not a big big eater, I do love food. And I love the holidays, Christmas season. There are so many good foods out there. From delicious cakes to cute looking cookies to yummy rolled up meats to fancy breads. I just look forward to this season and I am always curious what kind of new foods I can try. I am thinking about what to eat during Christmas. At least for the one day, the other day we will probably spend with my hubbies family now that COVID is a bit less and things are safer. Often I am just going for something simple, but still something yummy.
And next to of course food in the stores, I am also eager to get baking! I love baking seasonally. Like most of November (and up till around December 7th) I will be baking all the Sinterklaas foods, speculaas, peper en kruidnoten, and more. Now I cannot wait to get Christmassy with rolls, cakes with Christmas trees on it, muffins in Christmas flavours, cookies shaped like Christmas stuff. AHHH, I cannot wait!

3. Gifts (mostly giving)
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While these days I have it easy, just my hubby and my hammies, even before that I just LOVE thinking up presents for people. It is just such a joy to think up what to get someone. What they would love to have. And then see their faces (in this case just now my hubby with Christmas) as they get the presents and unwrap them. Pure bliss! Whereas he needs a wishlist from me because he just thinks that is easier and he can remember things better, I don’t need a list from him. Sometimes if he really has something he wants he will let me know, but for most I got free reign to think up presents, so for him it is 100% surprise on what he gets. Well, OK, he knows he gets books. I am a bookworm, I need to give the peeps in my life books. But what books? He doesn’t know. What other presents? He doesn’t know. And I just look forward to seeing that happy face.
Of course, I am also looking forward to getting my own presents, hey, I am only human. I got some great things on my list and I am hoping to get some things! Like those gorgeous baking pans from Nordicware!


And that is it! Thank you all for reading and I would tag you all! If you think this looks fun be sure to do it, I would love to see your answers so give me a bump/tag/notif so I know and can check your post out! I hope everyone has a good day, and wish me luck with keeping my thoughts in the happy places.

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