Library Haul ~ 17-12-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 17-12-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Good afternoon all~

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Welcome to a new Library #2 and #3 haul! A bit early, 2 instead of 3 weeks, but next week it is almost Christmas and the next week after that it is New Year’s Eve. So I don’t want to go on those two days. XD But I did want new books! So here we are~

Like the previous time, my hubby stuck with my in the libraries. Or well, at Library #3 he found a comfy place to sit and at Library #2 he wandered through the library with me. It is just WAY too cold to stay outside.

First up Library #3 and we still only have 1 bring back station and one loan out station.. so it was a bit busy. XD I had fun checking out the new releases in non-fiction and adult and put 6 books in my bag, that was a good feeling to find so many greats in one go. After that I wandered through the library, getting a bit lost as they are still renovating. I found several more books, even had to say goodbye to a few because I quickly reached my limit of 12 books. Here is to next time for those I had to put back~

Next up Library #2, thankful that I had my hubby with me because my body just couldn’t handle the stairs that well today and dragging a trolley full of books is just not going to happen if I already have issues getting myself somewhere. It was also the reason why I mostly stuck with just the entrance floor and the children/non-fiction floor, I would have liked to check out for maybe 2 or so romance books, but that means more walking and more stairs. Not today. I did have fun walking around though, even if it was a bit slow going. Found quite a few books, including one parenting book that I noticed in the newspaper’s extra magazine today, I was already thinking I would have to wait for a while, but there it was, standing in the HEY I am new shelf in that section. LOVE LOVE IT. And after that I went to pick up my 18 reservations. Yes, not a whole lot, but I still had 16 books left from last time’s haul and I can only get so many books.

I got plenty to read and well, I cannot wait! Given that in 5 days my vacation starts (until January 3rd) I got even more time to read~ dances

STATS: 12 books at Library #3 and 30 at Library #2

NOTE Library #3 is first and then the other three pics are Library #2.

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The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang
Eindstation by Ingrid Mulder
Beatrijs op eigen benen by Victoria Schuurman
Liefdessafari by Lizzie van den Ham
Het is ingewikkeld by Kaat de Kock
Mary by Anne Eekhout
Deze Kerst by J.L. Beck, C. Hallman
Vanaf het allereerste begin by Melissa Tagg
Zandkasteel by Pierre Oscar Lévy, Frederik Peeters
Baardman en boterkontje by Toine Andernach
In schoonheid vergaan by Martijn Nugteren, Wim Huijser
De oorlog in Gelderland by Robin Hageman

Het raadsel van de kaaspiramide by Geronimo Stilton
De ontdekking van de superparel by Geronimo Stilton
De jongen met vleugels by Lenny Henry
Krakkie by Ingrid Vandekerckhove
De school van Wonderdingen by Kira Gembri, Marta Kissi
Tuinman Priknetel by Rik Peters
Bang voor de bal by Folkert Oldersma
Echte duiven zien ze vliegen by Andrew McDonald
Oceanië by Disney
Raargebeurd by Emanuel Wiemans
Het geheim van Beukensteyn by Hanna Kraan, Geert Gratama
Spijt! by Ralf van der Hoeven, Carry Slee
Mopperberen – leve de vakantie by Myriam Ouyessad, Eric Gasté
Eva’s kerstboom by Christa Unzer, Regina Fackelmayer
Waar is de brandweerauto? by Joachim Krause
Leni’s lievelingstrui by Ellen Delange, Johanna Häger
De rode muts by Maya Onodera
Brock n Roll by Höngry
Donutdag by Marthe Nelissen, Karolina Szejda
Dit is geen eenhoorn by Barry Timms, Ged Adamson

Aan het lijntje by Tessa Bailey
Mijn wereld, mijn hart by Lyse du Champ, Lizzie van den Ham
Unsinkable by Lotte van den Noort
The Agathas by Kathleen Glasgow, Liz Lawson
Vile Stars by Sera Milano
Doodmoe & dolgelukkig by Jan Versteegh
Sporen & vondsten by Sarah Devos
Walvissen in de wind by Elvira Werkman
Noomi by Sara Shawkat
Ik ben graag buiten by Carron Brown

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