Library Haul ~ 3-12-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 3-12-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Afternoon all~

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Welcome to a new Library #2 and #3 haul! It was time again to visit! I needed new books + books had to get back~

And this time my hubby didn’t stay outside as he usually does. Haha, he went with me to each library. At Library #3 he sat down and waited for me. At Library #2 he stalked me. XD It was just way too dang cold here (0-2 Celcius). Brrrr!

First up Library #3, which is still freaking chaotic and to add to that… they only have one part of the machine for returning books open.. And to add to that, they also just have one computer/loaning out machine. Yep. So it was standing in line quite a bit. XD But other than that, the library is looking prettier with each visit. The entrance/entry floor is just way more welcoming and open with tons of spaces to sit down. The first floor is of no interest to me (places to study and toilets). The second floor is being worked on so totally empty which really gives a clear image on how big the space actually is. And then on the third floor is the new children’s section which I hope they make a bit cosier because now it feels a bit empty. Not to mention that the adult comics are willy-nilly nearby. Oh well, they still got plenty to do and I am eager to see what is next! I managed to find way more books this time. Several comics, some non-fiction, and some fiction. Good good haul! I am really excited that they added Crimson Cranes and Our Wives Under The Sea. I have seen quite a few peeps talk about both the books and YAS, now I can try them as well!

And then Library #2. Which had 27 reservations waiting on me and I hoped to maybe find some of the reservations that weren’t filled yet. Plus, right from the start there were some new books calling me. XD So instead of going to bring back the books, I first picked up some new books. Teehee. After that I had fun walking around the library, see if I could find the books. And well, I am very happy, but I found a few! The English YA books I was looking for + the ones I was looking for last time (which according to the system were not even in the library anymore (aka, they couldn’t find them)). Well, apparently they were on a separate shelf away from the normal shelf. So yeah. And then walking around some more to add more books to what I have.
I am so so proud of this library BTW. Not just for adding more manga (though again, they should understand that manga doesn’t work like normal comics and you really need to read them in order) but also for adding so many more English YA books. I am absolutely stunned. They went from a very small collection to slowly building it out. I am now excitedly looking forward to new releases!

Let’s see how much I read as I will have to go back one week earlier. If I would go on my normal schedule that would put me on Christmas and New Years!

But I am really really happy with this haul. So amazing at all the books I found and I cannot wait to get reading. Even started a few already because I couldn’t resist. XD

STATS: 11 books at Library #3 and 48 at Library #2 (was 47 but then when we were about to leave I saw another book).

NOTE Library #3 is first and then the other three pics are Library #2.

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Loiza by Loiza Lamers, Mirjam Lamers
Een reis om de wereld in 80 vogels by Mike Unwin
Mijn vader, alzheimer en ik by Esmit van Wering
Our Wives Under the Sea by Julia Armfield
Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim
Concrete Playground by Guilia Riva, Tristan Manco, Roa
Amsterdam Streethearts by Shirley Agudo
Babylone #1 by Philippe Nicloux, Frank Giroud, Laurent Galandon
The Batman’s Grave #1 by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch
De ridder #3 by Frodo de Decker
Familie Doorzon draait door by Gerrit de Jager

Vrij uitzicht by Anna E. Collins
De belofte by Saskia Mouissie
Laser Game by Maren Stoffels
I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston
Bruised by Tanya Boteju
Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee
Alex in Wonderland by Simon James Green
You’re The One That I Want by Simon James Green

Wildzoekers by Maartje Kouwen, Kim Merel
Draai rond mijn lichaam by Elo
Mijn poemajaren by Laura Coleman
Ik, papa? by Filemon Wesselink
Liverpool by James Worthy
Het grote vakantiedoeboek voor uitgebluste ouders by Alex van der Hulst, Anne Janssens, Hanneke Hendrix, Nynke de Jong
Amazing Stories of Women in Space by Libby Jackson
Gif in het dierenrijk by Mátyás Bittenbinder, Barend Last
Corsica by Laura Benedetti, Dini Thibaut, Philippe Santini
Perronpapegaaien en krekelcriminelen by Auke-Florian Hiemstra
Ik hou van dieren by Steve Martin
Ik wil graag helpen by Amanda Learmonth
Dierenbouwers by Christiane Dorion
Over botjes, protjes en snotjes by Thaïs Vanderheyden, Saskia Martens

Morris de jongen die de hond vond by Bart Moeyaert
De schoen van tien miljoen by Gideon Samson, Annet Schaap, Anna Woltz, and others
Meester spion by Tjerk Noordraven
Maandag by Eva Amores, Matt Cosgrove
De eerste kat in de ruimte at pizza by Mac Barnett, Shawn Harris
Gamehelden tegen de dino’s by Marcel van Driel
Het toverslot by Geronimo Stilton
Vuilnis is niet vies by Geronimo Stilton
Het mysterie van de gezonken schat by Geronimo Stilton
Drakenbloed en kamillethee by Joke Reynders
De griezelkist by Henk Hardeman, Caren Limpens
Too Bright to See by Kyle Lukoff
De wonderlijke fabels van Gustaaf de raaf by Pierette Dubé, Audrey Malo
Een zoo vol verdwenen dieren #2 by Christophe Cazenove, Bloz
Vleertje muis by Susanne Roos, Aniek Bartels
Soms als ik een vlinder zie by Boudewijn de Groot, Jaco van der Steen, Mark Janssen
Oscar en Nina en de zwarte vogel by Natalie Quintart, Myriam Berenschot
Dennie de baksteen by Harm Ritske, Nyra Immen Riedel
Het verlegen vogeltje by Jan Paul Schutten, Liset Celie
De wintervogel by Kate Banks, Suzie Mason
Samen spelen? by Nicola Kinnear
Help! Een verrassing! by Miriam Bos
Sporen van papier by Makenzie Hice, Natasja Horne
We gaan kamperen! by Fifi Kuo
Andreas en de draak by Kolet Jansen, Evelien Van Landeghem

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