Review for Bird Detectives

Review for Bird Detectives

Bird Detectives: Science Sleuths and Their Feathered Friends Kristine Rivers , Carla J. Dove, Children's Book, Non-fiction, Owl, Birds, Detectives, Interesting, TechnologyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

When I spotted this book on Netgalley I knew I had to get it. Bird detectives? Never heard of that, I heard of ornithologists, but that is it. This sounded fun, and in the end? I had so much fun.

In this short but very information-filled book we learn all about the people who are bird detectives. What they do, how they do it, their workplace, and more. From figuring out what to do with the birds and wildlife near an airport or how to protect birds and wildlife from other things to crime-scenes to figuring out what kind of materials a very old cosy blanket was made of. They solve all sorts of mysteries and I had so much fun reading about it. I think that is one heck of a job, probably never gets really boring as there is enough to explore and to figure out. I learned quite a lot, not just about this amazing job, but also about several bird things. I knew about the beaks for most, but apparently with feathers and such you can determine things, I didn’t know they were shaped into patterns.

But couldn’t they have picked a more world-wide bird? Not one native to US? I mean, wild turkeys? Those don’t really walk around here. The only reason that I worked out what the bird was is due to the other hints.

Throughout the book I was pretty hyped about reading about Bird Detectives and was really thinking that this would just be such a cool job, I am sure that me as a kid would have loved it. But then I read that mathematics were needed and I was just like, well never mind. I am TERRIBLE at maths. Really, I barely scraped by in school, only thanks to a good teacher in the last year of high school did I manage to get somewhere, but before that teacher? You don’t want to know my grades. XD So I guess, no time travelling for me to tell my younger self about this job. XD

I loved that there were plenty of photographs throughout the book.

All in all, I really had fun reading this book! It was so interesting to read how there are bird detectives and all they do. Plus, while I would have gone for a more world-wide bird, I did think the bonus puzzles/search was a fun addition. I would recommend this book!

Star rating, 4 stars

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