Review for Chester the (Almost) Pirate

Review for Chester the (Almost) Pirate

Chester The ^almost Pirate Ann P. Borrmann, Pirates, Humour, Misadventures, Clumsy, Humour, Children's Book, Boy, Sword, Flag, Hat, Picture BookI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. Thank you!

I just couldn’t say no when I got the request if I wanted to review this book~! It sounded like a fun book full of pirates, misadventures, and surprises.

Can I just say that I would love to go to a pirate school? I mean, sounds just way better than normal school. Where you have to sit still, mostly just learn bookish things, teachers who don’t go arrrrr (but may be a bit kinder than a pirate XD). I was eager to follow Chester (our MC) on his first day at school + all his other days and the adventures he has. I loved that the first mates were all animals! And not just animals animals but also some bigger ones! I wouldn’t have minded a sea monster! And we see all the fun everyday. From cleaning up the boat to finding treasure to learning how to be real pirates farts and burps, teehee. There is plenty to come if you want to be a pirate!

But if you think that is fun, wait till you see what happens each day. Because Chester is extra-ordinary clumsy, and not just him, his first mate also has a hand in it, or should I say tentacle? I had such a big laugh each time, especially since for some reason the pirate who runs the school gets caught in the chaos. XD OK, I did feel for Chester as he was working his hardest, but I am sorry, it was also just so hilarious to see everything that could go wrong go wrong. Even the simplest things.

The ending! Oh, I was definitely holding my breath there and then letting it out again as the last pages popped by. PHEW! I won’t spoil anything. You will just have to read to see if Chester becomes a pirate and he can live the good life!

The art was OK, it was very colourful. There is a lot to see on each page, and the illustrator made me laugh with how she drew the head pirate as he kept getting caught in whatever accidents happened when Chester was around.

All in all, I had so much fun reading this one and I am sure it will be a hit with kids. Also showing that you can still achieve a lot even if you are so so clumsy. XD I would recommend it~

Star rating, 4 stars

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