Review for Fear Ground

Review for Fear Ground

Fear Ground (Dread Wood #2) by Jennifer Killick, Horror, Clowns, Children's Book, YA, Blue, Ferris Wheel, ScaryThe second book in the Dread Wood series and this time an app, hide and seek, clowns, more scary things! Perfect for Halloween!

😍 The Cover! Love love it. Though it also terrifies me.
😍 That Colette is now part of the team!
😍 The new song + game that we now have. Yep, we went from itsy bitsy spider to another fun children song, yep, ain’t that lovely? I cannot wait to see what is the next song.
😍 Flinch. Well, before it all started to go craycray. That was just great fun and while I did think it was a bit over the top that everyone participated seemingly, I would have expected a few kids to go against the flow as you will often see.
😍 The Latchitts really upped their game in creepiness and how far they were going. Holy crap. They were already a couple to avoid in the previous book but dang this one? They really had no stops. They had plans and they were going for it.
😍 The masks they wore. NOPE.
😍 Gus! He is really my favourite of the team with his puns and how he always (well OK, almost always) finds something fun and light in a dark situation. He made me laugh more than once with his sentences.
😍 Mr. C. Oh, boy. The man who tries to be hip with the kids. And you know what, despite him trying a bit too hard, I liked him a lot. He is such a fun character and he just makes me smile. He is kind and sweet, and he actually listens to kids. He is actually there for them if they need him. And that is fantastic.
😍 The fairground bits, and then especially when things went totally over the top wrong. Those had me on the edge of my seat because WOW, chaos and destruction GO. And then there is a ghost train which is also a big nope.
😍 What creature is inside people. WELL, joy. NOPE.

🙄 The reason why one of the group wasn’t infected. I am sorry, but in this current age and day I don’t believe that just 1 person in a school of hundreds is vegetarian or vegan . It was just unbelievable and I think I would have rather had an other reason than this. Or have some other peeps visible that are walking around normally.
🙄 The bickering between characters just frustrated me and made me want to read less and less, later we do find out the reason why they are like this, but that was just too late for me. By this time I was just frustrated and unhappy. Wondering what happened to my dear group of friends.
🙄 How Naira is constantly called the genius, while I don’t see her do much genius stuff. In fact, it is Angelo who does most of the brainiac things.

But I cannot wait for the next book in the series! So excited to see what is next for this group and what our duo will be up to next~ I am so excited I got to read this during Spooktober! Perfect!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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  1. I still need to read this one, I really liked the first one and this one sounds so creepy.

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