Review for How to Catch a Reindeer

Review for How to Catch a Reindeer

How to Catch a Reindeer  Alice Walstead ,  Andy Elkerton  , Christmas, Reindeer, Cute, Picture Book, Children's Book, Holidays, Snow, Santa ClausIn this cute book we follow Comet (yes, one of the reindeer) as she explores a neighbourhood. Will the kids catch her?

I just LOVE LOVE Christmas picture books, they are the best. I mean, I love other books as well, but there is just something extra magic about picture books. Beautiful illustrations. Lovely rhymes. Or just a fun way to tell the story!

In this one I loved that we followed Comet. Quite often when we follow a reindeer it is Rudolf. But not this time! While Santa is delivering all the presents (and getting a bit stuck at times in chimneys (Santa maybe you should just not eat all the cookies)) we see the reindeer are waiting on the roof for him to come back. And Comet especially is curious about the humans. Because kids are lovely but they are also setting traps! Yep. These kids are not waiting at home for Santa to arrive and get some nice presents, oh no, these kids are setting some hilarious (and fantastic) traps with food like moss and carrots.  They want to catch a reindeer! I had fun seeing if any of the reindeer would fall for it. I mean, if there is an especially enticing treat? Would they be able to resist? I loved that the kids kept trying and that they never gave up. It definitely made me laugh. And I loved that Comet gave comments or checked out the traps (but never too close of course).

Santa is sure taking a long time, I mean, almost all of these traps and tries take place at the same house. Santa really needs to get a move on, because at this pace? He is definitely not going to make it to everyone, even if he is magic. XD

The ending made me smile, now I want to be there next year!

I love that this one rhymed, it made things quite cute and fun.

And I also liked the illustrations. Loved how the reindeer were drawn, very much more like reindeer than I see them being drawn like in other picture books. I loved that you could see the differences between the reindeer. Plus, I had a laugh at that one reindeer that was drinking hot chocolate while waiting for Santa.

All in all, if you want a funny book about Santa Claus and want to see the traps these kids make and of course find out if one of the reindeer fall for it, I would recommend it!

Star rating, 4 stars

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