Review for I’m NOT Missing

Review for I’m NOT Missing

I'm Not Missing Kashelle Gourley , Skylar Hogan, Picture Book, Children's Book, Missing Poster, Dog, Stickers, FunnyThis dog is not missing, oh no. He choose freedom!

Writing this 7 November and still looking for a cute puppers, so this book was perfect! I was curious about this dog and why, according to him, he was not missing while that is clearly a missing poster. XD

In this book we meet a dog who is done with it all. Yes, he is missing. But just for humans. He is actually and totally not missing. He just choose to go for his own route. The Lone Wolf destiny as he calls it. He tells us, the reader, all about why he choose to go for this route. Why he was DONE with being a pet. Why he was DONE with having a home and an owner. He has some convincing reasons, like the dreaded cone of shame, the treats that are not coming unless you do something for them, being called fat by the vet and having to go on a diet… It made me laugh so hard, but I could also very much understand him. Though I am sorry puppers, I will definitely see if my dog (if I find one, hopefully by the time this goes up) will like costumes, I hope so, because I would love it. I always adore those pictures I see on the internet. But if my dog is not OK with it, then I will give it up. Promise.

But what happens when our dog, living out his biggest fantasy, sees his owner with another dog? And apparently not missing him? Or does she? He was so conflicted and so wondering if he should give up his Lone Wolf destiny. I won’t spoil what he does next, you will have to read it yourself! But I definitely loved it, especially that last thing he told us.

The illustrations were my absolute favourite thing in this whole book! They made me laugh and I loved how the dog was drawn. Perfect facial expressions!

All in all, this was a laugh-out-loud hilarious book perfect for dog-lovers, dog-owners, and everyone else curious about this dog and why he is NOT missing!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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