Review for Santa Post

Review for Santa Post

Santa Post Emma Yarlett, Humour, Christmas, Funny, Picture Book, Children's Book, Santa, Letters, PresentsWhat happens when Santa receives a last minute letter from a little girl? And what happens when parts are missing due to the fire it landed in?

I was so delighted that one of my libraries had a fun collection of Christmas books waiting. Often libraries put the books all away and only get out a few for Christmas season, but this library just keeps most if not all of them out for the whole year. So I could pick some even before it was Christmas~ Whoo! Plus, I was also excited because I just love Emma Yarlett’s books!

In this book it is almost Christmas but then Santa receives a letter in his fireplace! A last-minute letter! By a little girl named Amy who wants one thing.. but yeah, remember I said fireplace? It was lit. And so there are some scorch-marks. Including one right on that present she wants. Oh no! We see Santa try to figure things out and tries to enlist the help of friends. But is it really what Amy wants? Or is it what Santa’s friends want most? I did love going to all the different places on the North Pole. From seeing the busy elves working their butt off on presents (making and wrapping and testing) to the reindeers practising for their performance in just a few days. And I loved seeing everyone get sorta creative and try to think up a present. I think out of the peeps we saw I liked the bear the most, he really had a thoughtful gift. We don’t talk about the elf. Definitely not. I think he needs a chat with Santa. XD

I did love what happened on Christmas. Loved seeing what Santa did. What he eventually gave as a present. I mean, we don’t see it directly, however… we can do a good guess.

And then there is the last part of the book! I loved that letter! Loved seeing so much happiness! But also, OH NO, Santa, please be more careful with the letters. Hey, at least you have 365 days now? 😛

The art was just Christmas-tastic and oh so much fun! I loved the additions of the letters (that you could fold open) and all the details on every page. Like with the elves, be sure to find all the fun details!

All in all, a highly recommended book! This was just oodles of fun and I am so happy I found it over at the library in Dutch~!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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