Review for The Cat in the Christmas Tree

Review for The Cat in the Christmas Tree

The Cat in the Christmas Tree: And Other True Stories of Feline Joy and Merry Mischief Callie Smith Grant, Christmas, Non-Fiction, Cats, Cat, Cute, Humour, Short StoriesI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Do you like cats? Do you like cat shenanigans? Do you like heart-warming stories? Do you love Christmas? Well then you, just like I did, should read this absolutely hilarious book featuring many short stories from people about cats! In this book we get 27 short stories written by various people about their cats. From rescues on the day itself or near the day, to the experience of a kitten’s first Christmas, to finding happiness in a cat, to having a hoot about a cat who brought a present for her owner during a party, to pure chaos as the tree is being set up and is ready, to kids and their love for animals. I loved that the ages of the cats varied. Plus, I loved that while Christmas is the central theme, we also read a bit of a backstory on the cats, on the people, on the family. I loved that!

There is something for everyone and I was just devouring this book because it was just way too fun. I am sadly without cats, because of allergies, but I just love cats. I am the kind of girl who, despite all this, will give some pets and love to the cats she sees on her walk. Just like Rin in Love Live who is an absolute cat lover, but also very allergic. We both just cannot keep our distance from cats. So a book about cats? During the most fun holiday after Halloween (yes, sorry Christmas, but Halloween is an absolute winner)? I needed this.

I loved that the stories weren’t all funny (though I definitely wouldn’t have minded it, haha), there are some more serious. Some made me sad (but also happy at the end). Some a bit too American (I am sorry, I am a Dutch girl and very sober about things).

And just look at that cover? I just want to grab that tiny little kitty and give it a big big hug!

I definitely would recommend this book to all and as for me? I am going to see what this editor has done more and if there are more books like this about cats.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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